Pewter design

Instructions/facts: First we went on to 2d design and went on to the Internet to find a design we wanted then we traced around it using the tools on 2d design. After that we went and con to the laser machine and made a template out of wood. We than heated the pewter and then pored it into the wooden template. We then let it cool down. We then got it out of the template and sawed the bit where we pored the pewter in. We then sanded it with wet 240 sand paper, then wet 400 sandpaper, then 1000 wet sandpaper. Then finally we polished it using the polish machine.

Thoughts: in my opinion I think that my design is alright because the design is complex because it is hard to sand in the corners and I have to use a cloth to polish imbetween the corners.

Negative: the negatives about my design are that there where a thew scraches, some of it was not sanded well, it still had a little pice of wood it it beach use I could not get it out.

Positives: the positives about my design are that the design is good and I like the shape of it. I got all the scraches of it. The surface of my shape is shinney but the sides are not.

If it did this again I would make it easier to cast so that my wings would not be crooked. Also I would put the corners further away so that I could sand in between them.

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