A Trip to the Museum San Antonio Museum of Art

I recently visited the San Antonio Museum of Art for the first time and was really amazed! The sculptures and three dimentional pieces captured my interest most. With my camera in hand I tried to capture some of the exibits that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy! -ck

The centerpiece of the museum’s holdings of Greek art is a substantial collection representing the major developments in Greek vase-painting, with particular concentrations in Attic black- and red-figure and south Italian vessels. The museum's Roman sculpture collection, displayed in the breathtaking Denman Gallery, encompasses portraits, funerary sculpture, and mythological subjects. Especially noteworthy are several statues formerly in the collections of British nobility, including four from the celebrated Lansdowne collection (portraits of the emperors Trajan and Marcus Aurelius, a bust of a woman, and a Cupid and Psyche) and the sleeping Ariadne from Wilton House. Another strength of the collection is a large group of Greek and Roman glass vessels from the eastern Mediterranean.

Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World : Greek and Roman collections: The Ewing Halsell Wing

The Museum's collection of Oceanic Art comprises the visual arts traditions of numerous cultures scattered throughout the vast expanse of the Middle and South Pacific. The sculptural art of Papua New Guinea and French Polynesia are particularly well represented at the Museum. Most of these objects were acquired by Gilbert M. Denman, Jr., the noted collector of Greek and Roman art. Aboriginal Australian, native Hawaiian and Maori objects are also included in the Oceanic Collection.

Oceanic Art : Fourth floor, Nancy Brown Negley West Tower

The San Antonio Museum of Art has one of the most comprehensive collections of Latin American art in the United States. The collection spans 4,000 years and contains paintings, sculpture, works on paper and other objects from Mexico, Central America, South America and countries of the Caribbean. It also contains an important collection of Spanish folk art from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Latin American Art : The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Latin American Art

Mexican Gothic (1948) : Veracruz, Mexico - Painted Mahogany
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