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Where Did PC's Start ?

The idea of having a full computer inside your house was becoming an actuality in the 1980's. With computer building companies starting up like IBM or Apple and software companies like Microsoft, bringing a computer home was becoming easier and easier.

What Older PCs Looked Like Compared To Now

Evolution of the PC

What do pc's look like today ?

In 2016 it had been over 30 years of having PC's in houses, workplaces and schools. Prices and sizes of computers have shrunk tremendously. Nearly everyone has a computer of their own that fits in their pocket, but what becomes of the larger computers ? With products like the iPad and the iPhone which kickstarted a whole new level in the PC world questions start to arise.

Why do we still need these large box computers when we have our smartphone or tablet ?

“If they’re Android tablets, then we don't need them. Teaching Photoshop would be a pain though.” - Austin Reed

Apple recently upgraded their iPhones and iPads to have "desktop class" power. Microsoft has their Surface Pro 4 which has the power to run the latest windows smoothly. If those portable devices have the same power as a big box that sits on your desk then why do people need to go and buy one when they have what they need in their pocket or backpack.

What a modern laptop looks like today


The leading home computer operating system is Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X. These OS’s have been around circa 1990 and have matured by introducing amazing features and having better performance. On the other hand we have the newcomers, the smartphones and tablets, have had their mobile OS’s also maturing but for only around 10 years. Both the desktop computer and the mobile computer have feature filled OS’s but they have major differences to each other.

Mobile Operating Systems

Smartphones (mobile computers)

Android is on millions of smartphones and tablets today. It offers features like customization and Google Now which is like having your own personal assistant you can ask about anything and tell to make reminders and alerts for you. One of its downfalls is the tablets with the larger screens, Android just scales up a smartphone app to fill the screen space.

iOS is on iPhones and iPads, it has a feature that is often taken lightly, simplicity. If you give one to a toddler or a senior citizen they can easily figure everything out all by a few little directions. On the other hand, one of iOS’s downfalls is that there isn’t as much freedom like on Android to have custom defaults or home screen widgets.

Desktop Operating Systems


Compared to both of the leading mobile OS’s, the desktop computer OS’s are far more powerful. They offer similar or more advanced features and way more powerful applications. Although your smartphone may have Angry Birds, Windows and Mac OS X have editing tools like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X. They also have a simple similar file systems unlike the mobile OS’s.

The future of Pc's

A good example for the future of those big box computers is how gamers and high performance users will use them to get the most power for their computing activity. The average computer user can get all they need on a simple less powerful laptop, but Windows has transformed over the years to become a mobile and desktop OS. With this in mind new laptops are essentially slimmer and tablet like with a touchscreen and a keyboard when needed. A Surface Pro can be connected to a monitor and do everything those big box computers do and more. The desktop’s are merging into that portable and mobile area of the PC world and may possibly become only mobile.

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