Poetry Project Jonas baughman

Black Beatles

By Rae Sremmurd(

“Black beetles in the city be back immediately ,to confiscate the moneys”

Rae sremm, guwap, Mike WILL

I sent flowers but you said you didn’t receive em’

But you said you didn’t need them

That girl is a real crowd pleaser

Small world all her friends know me

Young bull livin like and old geezer

Quick Release the cash , watch it fall slowly

Frat girls still tryna get even

Haters mad for whatever reason

Smoke in the air, binge drinking

They lose it when the DJ dropps the needle

Getting so cold im not blinking

What in the world was i thinking?

New day, new money to be made

There is nothing to explain

Im a ******* black beetle

Cream seats in the regal

Rockin john lennon lenses, like to see em’ spread eagle

Took a ***** to the club, let her party on the table

Screamin everybody's famous

Like clockwork i blow it off

And get some more

Get you somebody that can do both

PUBLISHER interscope records

The author uses metaphors to note the listener that he is trying to get a point out. Also he is comparing himself to something else without using like or as. When he says "I'm a ******* black beetle" he is using a metaphor to say he is a black beetle by comparing to unlike things directly.http://www.exposedlyrics.com/Rae-Sremmurd/black-beatles-lyrics.html.

AUTHOR: Rae sremmurd

This is the singer of the song.

Perky's Calling

By Future

Purple rein



Thinking about them licks i had to

Thinking about if you were here ,i had you, savage

Gon roll it my *****

Roll up jump out the car squeeze the trigger

Gon’ roll it up my *****

Roll up hop out the car squeeze the trigger

I can hear the purple callin

I can hear the perkys callin

I can hear the purple callin

I can hear the zannies callin

I can hear the workers calling

I can hear the streets calling

I can hear the streets calling

Author: Future


The author uses personification a lot in this song. The reason i say this is because he tries to give something that is not living human characteristics. When he says " I can hear the purple calling" hes trying to give a drink the "purple" a characteristic of it calling.http://www.lyricshot.net/future-perkys-calling-lyrics.html


By wizz kalifa( Blacc hollywood)

You can be anything you want


Just keep going ,going, gone, gone ,gone


It dont stop here *****



Back when i was young i had dreams of getting richer

Then my homie breeze set me down schooled me to the picture

I was with some wild ***** put me on the game

Told me if you tryna make your move you gotta know your lane homie

all you gots your name and your words will never break it

For this life you pay a price you gotta chance you better take it

Cause most ****** never make it they stranded where im from

Aint no conversation all they understand is get a gun

I was ridin in my bona ville hoping i can make it out

Sellin peas and smokin **** avoiding police right up the street

Way back in the day before i had all of this paper

Before i had all of these diamonds before i had all of these haters.

Now lets get medicated

lets get medicated

Man im ***** faded

Man im ***** faded

Lets get medicated

Lets get medicated

Man im ***** faded

Man im ***** faded

author: wiz kalifa

publisher: NA

The author uses imagery to help listeners feel what his theme and point of the song is.When he uses imagery it makes me feel that what he is saying really stands out. In the song he says "aint no conversation all they understand is get a gun" when he says this it makes me fell that what where he grew up there was a lot of shooting and doesn't sound like a good place for a kid to be raised.https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8&safe=active&ssui=on#safe=active&ssui=on&q=lyrics%20to%20medicated

I think this has to do with his theme of theme song "Medicated" because he talks about how he was raised in a place where everyone has guns and there are no conversations which makes me think of a scary place with low maintenance.


by; jonas baughman

Walking through the gates

Smelling the fresh food everywhere you walk

sitting down in your seat like you haven't seen your bed in months

hearing the players hit the field, with the great feeling of a huge applause

"THWACK" that's the sweet sound of maple hitting a baseball

singing the"go cubs go" on way out

getting home to sleep in a bed that hugs and warms you.


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