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Since April 1st, Team India has joined our Europe & Emerging Market Team. Rohan & team are now part of our organization adding their expertise and experience to our wider team.

This, of course, provides us with a great opportunity to collaborate even closer in an effort to drive additional revenue in all our regions. Needless to say that it also provides everyone with new opportunities for referrals!

For those of you who know little about this market, the Indian Economy is the seventh-largest in the world with the third-largest purchasing power. The country’s economy delivered an average annual growth rate of 7% over the last two decades making it the fastest growing economy globally. The outlook in its IT industry is even more promising.

Rohan & team cover 4 events in the region: ITXPO, a Data & Analytics Summit, a Data Center Summit and a Security Summit.

In the Data Center space India is on its way to be the second-largest market for Data Centers in APAC by 2020 with revenues expected to hit $7 billion. In the Data & Analytics segment India is already among the top 10 markets globally expected grow to a $16 billion market by 2025. India’s IT Security market is expected to track at around $1.3 billion this year making it a crucial piece of India’s overall IT spending in 2017.

Without further ado please join me in welcoming Team India to our group:

Rohan Pagey - Senior Director

Senior Director


Lead Gen














Goa ITxpo

Closing New Logos is one of our 4 key pillars to success in Sponsorship Sales for very obvious reasons. One of the only ways to grow double digit YOY is to continually acquire new logos while keeping a focus on a strong renewal.

One particular person who has lead the way in attaining net new clients to Gartner in Q1 of 2017 is Charlotte Simpson- This comes as no surprise as Charlotte builds rapport and is focused on adding value to every interaction she has with prospects and clients.

We caught up with her this week to get her ideas on how she is leading the pack in this key pillar of success:

Charlotte Simpson - AE
What are some of the different resources you leverage in your pursuit of new Logos both internally and externally?


Lead Generation counter-part: I am very pro-active when it comes to helping my lead gen understand my marketplace. We catch up on a weekly basis to determine where focus is required and plan our time accordingly she has been key in helping me identify new organisations and key contacts within them.

Analyst Interactions: I’ve worked very hard to build strong relationships with key analysts within my marketplace, this has resulted in a regular flow of not just leads but warm introductions to power within relevant organisations. Also, this has helped me stay ahead of the curve in relation to new key research notes that I can leverage which has helped me build more immediate credibility with new stake-holders.

My immediate team: It really helps to have a strong relationship with your counter-part, debriefing each other on a regular basis on new logo pipelines can work well from a tactical perspective if your counter-part happens to be trying to convert a key competitor of your prospect.

Global Collaboration: In 2017 already, I have worked on 3 opportunities from a global perspective with colleagues in NA and ANZ- being heavily aligned with each other has allowed us to represent ‘One Gartner’ and have a much stronger position when negotiating and creating urgency with new companies that have never done business with Gartner before.

Gartner Research: A simple thing to do – I have created ‘alerts’ for keywords in my marketplace which helps me stay on top of any key market trends. I use our already existing research notes to make sure I position the best solutions to new clients so I don’t get short-changed once I fully understand where they fit into the larger vendor landscape. Our research notes have also helped me uncover new and niche vendors that I otherwise may not have been aware of.


Client/ Prospect Interactions: A key question in our qualification stage has proved to be a great resource for new vendors- Asking who your prospects compete with/ come up against when being short-listed can help you build a solid secondary prospecting list. In addition, I get a tonne of market knowledge and intelligence in my F2F interactions with my prospects and clients which helps direct me and focus my prospecting efforts.

Competitive Events: I spent a lot of time last year getting to know the key events that my clients and prospects invest in, I now have this sketched out for the whole year and stay disciplined around my prospecting activity a quarter out from the targeted competitive event. I have closed some opportunities with new logos by correctly utilising these. As a result of my strong existing relationships now it also helps me uncover the amount some my prospects have likely invested in competitive events which helps me control my negotiation more.

Social Media/ Press Releases: Again, a simple thing to do- I follow all of my prospects on Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and diligently check any news my prospects are pushing out to the universe. I have uncovered some new stake-holders within my prospect base this also proves to be a great initial talking point when reaching out to add immediate credibility and demonstrate that I know their business.

How much time do you spend prospecting every week?

I hold myself accountable to a minimum of 1 hour per day to do pure new logo prospecting.

The Friday before each week I choose a ‘prospect of the week’ for the following week to help me stay focused, these tend to be larger organisations who I know are investing heavily in the market and/or have been recommended by Analysts to me. I also block time out in the evenings sometimes to focus on North American accounts and Global collaboration opportunities.

What are you doing differently in 2017 in your effort to secure more new business?

I was lucky enough to come from an EAS back-ground whereby I understand the strong value proposition Gartner has with our end users - This has really helped me paint the picture from an attendee’s POV. In addition, the training I have been given here has helped me become more effective when delivering our Value Proposition to new clients.

2016 was a great year of learnings being new to Sponsorship sales, this has really helped me align better to my key areas of success in 2017 - New logos being one of them. I have thoroughly mapped out the year ahead and recognise that effective high activity is imperative to my success. I recognise one of my biggest strengths to be F2F interaction especially when pursuing prospects who have never worked with Gartner before.

Having had previous successful years in Gartner, I understand the importance of having a Fast Start to your sales year which has kept me laser focused on my goals and closing new business is imperative to that.

The 2017 CIO Leadership Forum took place at the Park Plaza last month. It is the only Leadership Forum in Europe all year and 1 of 4 different CIO engagement platforms we provide for our clients. The focus of this year’s LF was to provide CIOs with new insights into the powerful digital forces at work within the IT & business ecosystems they operate in. Anticipating and seizing the opportunities that digital disruption presents was a strong theme throughout.

Interestingly enough, this is exactly where the vast majority of our tech provider clients see themselves in the marketplace: Digital disruptors in an increasingly complex world.

Last month we had a record breaking number of 850 CIOs participating. In the closing keynote delivered by the CIO from AstraZeneca he talked about ServiceNow, Box, Office 365, Workday, Cisco, Google, Apple and Salesforce.

None of these companies have sponsored the event nor has any other provider this year – what a hugely missed opportunity for us as our clients trusted advisors but also for our clients.

This is precisely the type of audience every provider wants to get in front of. Having said that, while it’s too late for 2017 there will be a Leadership Forum next year and there is a simple way to get on board. We only provide one sponsorship level at a fixed price point. For details take a look at:

Our continuous growth in Event Sales is built on hiring top talent for our organisation. Last month we invited 3 individuals to join our Team as part of our European sales organisation. We have asked Rhianan, Kabir and Erin to give provide us with a brief write up about themselves … here you go:

Rhianan Zuliani


My background is in newspapers sales where I have worked with some of the biggest media outlets in the U.K. and internationally. My most recent role at Getty Images had me working on the biggest U.K. Entertainment events such as Brits, Bafta's and LFW organising their photography and videography and growing the assignment side of the business.

I am enjoying meeting with my new colleagues and excited to get stuck into the Gartner culture and learning more about the methodologies that make Gartner the no1 player in their field.

Kabir Assi


I've been working within the IT industry for the last 13 years predominantly for Global Resellers and VAR's in the sales trenches .. but that's enough of my past sins.

I am now looking forward enthusiastically on joining the "Gartner Family" and meeting everyone in person and experience the warm welcome I've heard so much about!

A major reason for joining Gartner was for me to have the opportunity to "really" add value when interacting with clients and represent a GLOBALLY well respected organisation.

Please feel free to stop by and say hello any time if you have any questions or would just like to meet in person!

Erin Stephenson


I have spent a large portion of my career to date at InterCall a global conferencing and unified communications company. I have been able to develop a fantastic skill set which I am looking forward to improving further by refining my sales process, as well as learning and being inspired by new colleagues.

During my career I have had the privilege to have worked in Chicago and Sydney, Australia and after a year off exploring the world I am ready to hit the ground running here in London. Thank you all for welcoming me into the Gartner family and I cannot wait to get started.

We also welcome a new joiner to our India Team:

Ranjeet Singh


Ranjeet Singh comes with a strong 8 years of Cross industrial experience starting his career as a chef with a 5-star Hotel chain, His ability to charm clients was spotted by senior leaders at Ricoh during an interview drive at his Hotel and was offered a sales role in IT, At Ricoh Ranjeet Scaled up really fast understanding the IT landscape and was promoted 3 times in his stint of 5 years winning a number of accolades the Top most being Winners Club for 2 years.

Ranjeet clearly stood out in the Gartner interview process and showed all the right traits and no limit mindset required to succeed in this role. At Gartner Events Ranjeet will be responsible for driving sponsors at Symposium for I & O Comms and Applications as marketplace.

Ranjeet is an avid reader and loves Paulo Coelho and loves playing sports during his free time.


Recognizing outstanding achievement is an intrinsic part of our culture. Gartner Winners Circle celebrates the success of our top performing Sales Associates, rewarding their hard work and dedication with events renowned for being unforgettable.

April is the time of year where we celebrate the success of last year one last time. Many of us who have been with Gartner for a few year see Winner’s Circle as the pinnacle of sales achievement and almost a rite of passage. Those of us who have been before know what it is to be part of the “club” who are absolutely spoiled by Gartner for 4 or 5 days and given the opportunity to see wonderful venues and imaginative parties and excursions.

This year we wave off nearly half of our sales floor to either Montreux or Rome and I would like to take the opportunity again to congratulate the following Winners:

Winners Circle (Montreux)

Peter Killer

Bastiaan Van Hooft

Aoife Lawlor

Ashlee Walsh

Emma Coles

Club 300 (Rome)

Chris Tooze

Peter Hogben

Jackie Wilson

Matt Tenten

Asif Ehsan

Heather Zhang

Will Wheeler

Dom Forte

Look out for the photos towards the end of April from the Themed Parties (“Heroes and Villains” and “Musical Hall of Fame”), Gala Dinners and various fun excursions…

Review your plan for 2017 now to make sure you are part of the party next year!!

Snapshots from Winners Circle last year!

Barcelona 2016

Snapshots from Club 300 Last Year!

Maui 2016
Marcus Staffen - MVP

What’s the difference between mistakes and systematic mistakes? Mistakes are just what it says on the tin: a flaw in someone’s judgement. Systematic mistakes on the other hand are mistakes people make all the time which makes them predictable. We want to look at some of the systematic mistakes you make when interacting with your sponsors and prospect. Yes, YOU and that’s despite your tenure, success and experience.

Imagine this: Your prospect says “Good news! We made a decision. We will test the waters with you this year, send me the paperwork for your event” and off you go creating an EP form to send to the client – surely this is another one of your great success stories … or is it?

You just fell prey to the “fixed pie bias” and didn’t even notice it. You subconsciously assumed that this is your prospect’s final decision and you are down to one event to talk about – you have allowed the size of “your pie” to be fixed. All you can do now is to agree on the best possible price point to make it a healthy deal. What you have just ignored is that you haven’t properly explored how else you could create more value for the client and in turn more revenue for yourself! Is the rest of your portfolio not relevant any longer? Is this company not selling to all the different stake holders they told you about? Are they not interested in standing out from their competitors? And the list goes on and on. Of course at this stage you “don’t want to rock the boat … you can always pick this up later, right?”

What to do now? How can you avoid this trap in the first place? Keep your eyes on “increasing the pie” until the end of your sales cycle. Don’t take the first bait to go straight into mortal combat mode trying to grab as much as possible of what you think is on the table. Think before you act. Spend time qualifying and especially focus on exploring what is important to your clients or prospects. The good news is that it’s (almost) never too late to do just that. So your prospect says “Good news! We made a decision and we will start small, send me the paperwork for your event“. Don’t bite! A simple “That is good news but I’m confused. Could you elaborate on how you came to this decision given the conversations we had prior?” will more often than not do the trick to open things up again.

More often than not you are making a second systematic mistake in this context which can further weaken your position to sell high value deals. You pay too much attention to the obvious features of your proposal and not enough to the minor details that actually have great impact and value for your client. This is called the “vividness bias” and here too everything links back to the qualification & FAQ stage. Just because you know what the main features of your value proposition are doesn’t mean your client does too (even though you’ve explained it more than once). The more time you spend in the qualification stage while using the FAQs to confirm your prospects understanding, the more likely it is for you to avoid this systematic mistake and increase your overall deal size.

While there are many other possible traps there is one more you’ve all put your foot into at some point. It is one of the sneaky weapon of clever buyers. Imagine this: You finally get your prospect on the phone (the power person you wanted) and deliver your intro and pitch. All is going well but then she says “Just to let you know, I have spent my marketing budget this year already but I’m happy to continue this conversation if you are.” Boom! What a knock back! We all know you can’t sell to someone who can’t buy and she clearly has no money to buy anything! What to do?

If you had these or at least similar thoughts when reading this scenario you probably got caught in this infamous trap before. Your buyer has just tried to “anchor” you. Anchoring is a term for the human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered when making subsequent decision. Your mind is racing. You know your smallest possible package is about $40k .. but then she has no marketing budget left at all?!. How could you possibly tell your prospect that your entry level package price point is $40k? You better make your price point as low as possible to at least stand a chance. Let’s see what a First Timer price would be ... and so you make the first offer for $25k and your buyer won.

Your prospect just influenced you without saying anything - she anchored you on the fact that her starting point in this negotiation is zero budget and you took the bait and ran with it. You are gobsmacked, you have gone into this conversation thinking to start by offering a Premier level sponsorship given your prospects company size and brand but walked out having offered a First Timer.

Luckily there is a simple way to avoid this trap: Ignore it and don’t harp on it. The more you talk about her not having budget the stronger this anchor will become. Don’t be rude and acknowledge it if you must - but move on quickly to what you know is a solid qualification process. Keep in mind if there is value there is money.

To mark Easter next week, before the long weekend ..the office will be expecting the Easter bunny to drop by.

On Thursday 13th we expect him to have left a large amount of chocolate in the office ..

so be there or be square!

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