Who is David Hockney? : David Hockney is not only an British Painter, but also a, print maker, stage designer and photographer. He's an Idle to the 1960's Pop Art. He's considered one of the best English Artist of the 20th Century. David Hockney was born on the 9 July 1937 (79 years old), David Hockney's parents we're Laura Hockney, Kenneth Hockney. Born in Bradford, England. David Hockney attended art school in London before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s. There, he painted his famous swimming pool paintings. In the 1970s, Hockney began working in photography, creating photo collages he called joiners. David Hockney Started to create more and exhbit his art work.

"Lithograph of Water Made of Thick and Thin Lines and a Light Blue Wash and a Dark Blue Wash" 1978

This painting from Davi hockeny, added to his collection : From the series "Pool I". This painting was made at New York, United States of America, The materials David hockney used was: prints, Planographic Colour lithograph printed from four stones and three aluminium plates. David Hockneys impression to this painting was: right to print. Edition to the painting was Edition of 80; 18 arist's proofs; right to print; printer's proof ||; archie proof. Publisher for this painting was: Tyler Graphics Ltd. This paitning was signed and dated I.r pencil "David Hockney 1978-80". This paintings first purchase was in 1980. The size of the painting is 66 x 87.6 cm. (26 x 34.5 in.).

"Sun on the Pool 1982"

Sun On The Pool Los Angeles April 13th 1982 composite Polaroid, 34 3/4 x 36 1/4 in. I chose this painting for this exhibition because it really stands out rather than all the other paintings I've seen of David Hockney's photos/paintings. It stands out and shows off a glow, Showing such detailed parts that you wouldn't normally have such a painting. this photo is more appealing to my eye than others. This painting was taken by images separated from one another. This also distinct image is not only David Hockney's Pool. On the bottom of which Hockney has painted a pattern of blue arcs executed in thick brushstrokes; some years later, Chillers also produced a remarkable series of photographs of Hockney at work on his Polaroid composites.

"Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" 1972

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas, 84x120 in. I've choose this painting because this painting makes me feel more interested in his work, the fact that the pool painting, looks like a fair memory of the man on the right standing/swimming in the pool. Making your own story on what this image could hold. As the man on the right looks more like an actual human figure, taken as a picture. The shadow of the man makes him look like hi's more of a realistic person, standing out of the image. The items used for this painting were simple artistic paint, and water colors, as the pattern in the bottom of the pool stand out the most, which was done with a strand of plastic, and water painting.

"Pool and Steps" 1971

I've chosen this painting because, the different techniques to paint this image make's it oddly fascinating, everything was made with paint and drop's of water and paint, deeply imprinted into the paper. As the shoes are very detailed and different form what you'd normally wear to a pool, which make's it more unique. The different brighter parts of the pool texture, make's it stand it out more, and feel more like it's an actual pool. The wavy affect make's it more persuasive to catch your eye.

"Portrait of Nick Wilder" 1966

Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 72x72 in. I've chose this painting because it not only stands out's with it's appealing features, but it's distinctive detail and heck of time to make this painting. The water was made with water colors, and ink as everything else was made with just normal paint. the bushes we're made with plastic and we're repainted with more detailed. The water pattern give's it almost an olden feel, but mossy and old water, but as the pattern show's what you feel, we all feel different, it also shows the different textures and distinctive flow that you get in a feeling. This is my second favorite photo.

California Copied from 1965 Painting in 1987" 1987

I've choose this image because it shows more of what David Hockney was, his true personality painted in many photo's but this photo makes it more interesting, David Hockney was gay of course. The patterns in the water make it different from what water actually does but it makes it more interesting to stare at, sure the men aren't pleasing to everyone's eyes, but the features around is pleasing from detail's, but such simple artistic skills. Somethings are more detailed than others but so terrifically simply easy. David Hockney's exact words when he painted this was " when I'm working I feel like Picasso".

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