Hypothermia By:Abbey Short

What is hypothermia

Hypothermia is a critical condition that happens when you are exposed to extreme cold or poorly heated room. You're body starts to cool down and starts to function wrong and try's to keep warm. This causes hypothermia.

How do you treat hypothermia?

First to treat hypothermia you have to look for symptoms. Some are shivering,dizziness,nausea. After these symptoms use warm packs and blankets till medical crew arrives but carry them slowly. If not it could mess up their heart beats.

Who is most likely to get hypothermia?

The people who are most likely to get hypothermia according to http://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/hypothermia/surveillance.php is males between the ages of 25-64 . This because of accidents and crimes that happen in cold weather.

A short conclusion

Hypothermia is a serious and deadly thing to happen to you. To prevent hypothermia every day make sure you wear warm clothes and warm layers too in cold weather and when it's summer time inside you want to make sure you don't turn the air conditioning below 75° unless outside is 95° or hotter. In that case turn it to 70°. Stay safe and stay warm.


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