Why We Should Read Shakespeare By caroline, ashley D, jack f, tyler

Thesis Statement

People today should read Shakespeare due to the fact that it is immensely related to hip hop which is popular today in examples like, both rappers and Shakespeare share the same amount of vocabulary, both of them convey emotions through their work, and create a rhythm.


Sharing the Same Amount of Vocabulary

  • Some hip hop artists have a larger and more advanced vocabulary than Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s vocabulary contains 5, 170 unique words
  • Hip hop artists contain between 4, 300 words and 5, 000 words

Both Hip Hop Artists and Shakespeare Convey Emotions Through Their Work

  • Hip Hop Artists conjure songs and raps that have the intention of touching on people’s emotions
  • Shakespeare had the same intention and included sentiment through both comedies and tragedies
  • Hip Hop artists can have the same effects in our time by writing about their personal experiences and expressing them through songs and raps

Creating a Rhythm

  • Shakespeare uses 140 beats per minute
  • Most songs are 80-120 beats per minute
  • Every sonnet or play that he wrote had a beat of 140 beats per minute

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