Advanced drawing class Special teams

The project for advanced drawing this semester is a continuation of work from last semester about the machines of war. This semester will focus more on our soldiers in the special teams in today's military. There will be four works drawn in pencil on Bristol paper.

Visual aids to help with equipment and placement of gear. It also helps with seeing tactics and movements of these men.

Finished work.
Visual reference for my snipers movements.
A few sketches of my guys and possible placements.
This is the final position I decided to put the sniper in. I thought it would be a better illustration of what a sniper does.
These are a few positions and images of equipment snipers use.
A few more body possisioning and reference guides for my drawings.
There is a third guy that is going to be added in later and a rescue chopper coming in in the background.
Not the best photo of my installed work but it does feel good to have all three hung next to each other.

So much work went into this semester and I feel like my work has found a new direction that I want to take it in. In all of my research for this project I have gained a new appreciation for the work and dedication of the men in our special war teams and what they go through to even be concidered for these jobs. Going forward with this body of work I want to actually go out into the delis and observe our service men and woman in action so that I can get an even better understanding of what then do and why, just so I can better connect with the human aspect of the military. In this work I feel that my ability to render forms have improved greatly, but I still need to work on my highlights and shadows a little bit. I really enjoyed working in graphite again but I would like to evolve this work more into my airbrushing. I think that will give this work a better connect ability to my audience because instead of the cold pencil marks it will be softer more organic feeling hues on a surface. Over all I feel really good about my work this semester.

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