Bullying and Peer pressure By : Abdullah Imran

So what are bullies ?

A bully is a person who thinks he is more powerful or is powerful and wants the victim to be scared thus, getting more powerful.

So then, What is bullying ?

Bullying is aggressive and disliked behavior. In bullying there is a power imbalance such as social status, body lean mass (as in muscles), age level, race and gender. There also could be perceived power imbalance which is where the bully thinks he has more power in someway. This behavior has the power or potential to repeat or is repeated over and over again.


Physical bullying is the form that often happens the most.This occurs when the bully uses their perceived or real power to gain control over their targets by punching kicking or heating the victim physically


Verbal bullying is when a bully uses his word to make statements, call names and embarrass the victim to gain power or control them.


Cyberbullying is form where the bully uses the internet or technology to disrespect embarrass or threaten the victim or victims.


Relational bullying is a form where the bully backbites or slanders about the victim spreading false statements about the victim.


Prejudice bullying (also known as Identity-based bullying )refers to any form of bullying related to the characteristics considered unique to the victim’s identity, such as their race, religion, gender or physical appearance.

Bullying Statistics

Peer Pressure

What is PeerPressure

Peer pressure is when your peers encourage you to do something which in most cases is bad beacuse your peers want you to smoke and go on drugs and stuff like that

How to reply to bullying

How to act assertive to peer pressure

Step 1 Say No loud strong and clear

Step 2 Walk Away

Step 3 if your peers are consistently forcing you talk to the counsuler or a teacher

Step 4 stay away from them or stop becoming freinds


Passive reaction is when you go along with what is said you give up and you are scared and forced to do the action ( somoke drugs etc).


Assertive reaction is when you reply strong make your point clear and just walk away.


Aggressive reaction is when you shout and say NO and or make a threat.

How could you help when someone is bullied?

Here is an experiment

To stop bullying go up to the person and tell him stop in an assertive way because you could change a persons life.

3 people that could help me are Ms. Thorntan becasue she is the counsler, Mr.Krugler because he was a boy and experinced stuff so he can give advice and Dr. Jounosus because she cares about everyone and loves helping and giving advice about how she dealt with stuff in her life.


Stop bullying now google slide




Teens and bullying

Teens and cyberbullying

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