The lost boys of Sudan By: Ethan hoops

At a least 20,000 boys between 5 and 17 had to unexpectedly leave their homes with little to no food, water, or even anything. The civil war between North and South Sudan forced tons of boys, which were tending the cattle when soldiers destroyed their villages. The war killed 500 thousand people and left 5 million people in aid, that is half of the population.

The lost boys had to travel about 1 thousand miles with no shoes, across hot deserts, and no food and water. The weaker and younger boys that were walking a little bit behind the group would get eaten by lions and hyenas that were stalking in the tall grass near them.

The Refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya filled up quick because of the food, water, protection, and aid. But one of the Ethiopian camps kicked all of the refugees across the deadly Gilo river or they were shot. In July of 2014 the safe refugee camps in Ethiopia had a total of 665 thousand refugees, becoming the top refugee filled country passing Kenya.

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