Monse's H.Goal Project English 2/ period 3


In the semester, I will be a better player in piano. I will study and practice everyday for 30 minutes or more everyday. If I make a mistake I will repeat that piece until I have it right and play close attention to each mistake. I will try to give the music “life” or “emotion” instead making it sound plain. I will play in front of my friends or family and get their opinions. I will try to learn by ear and try to recognize each note.

"And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”- Dr Seuss


In English class, I will write better essays and better paragraphs. I will add more academic words. I will remember to leave space when I start a new paragraph. I will ask for help when I need it. I will improve my spelling errors by studying the words. And I will write on paper.


In High school, I will stop procrastinating and I do all my assignments at the very beginning so I won't have to do it late at night. I will not use my phone when I’m doing homework only when I actually need it. And I will not do it at the last minute. I will study too a instead of studying on the day of the test. I will be more productive and use my time wise instead of being on the computer doing other things.


“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” - Dr Seuss

After High School, I will find a job that will involve playing the piano for example writing a song for a figure skater or for music therapy. I will go to a restaurant and play until they like my music and hire me. I will become a piano teacher. I will this by going to college and become a teacher for piano. I will play with a group of people . Or I will continue playing with my Church Choir.


In my Personal Growth, I will be more positive and look for the bright side of things instead of complaining about it. If I forget homework at home I will remember I can turn it in tomorrow. If there is a person that is annoying me, I will look at the positives of them. If I feel like I can do that I will excuse myself and take a breath. If I make a mistake I will see what I did wrong and change it instead of worrying and panicking because it’s okay to make mistakes.

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Monserrat Hernandez Rosales


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