Minutes 4/17/2017 Secretary: Kara Donovan

  • Invocation by Senator Brock
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Roll call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Cherry, Bolick, McCormack, Rozman, Ruday, Seymour, Gregoris, Albert, & Hines were found absent

Presentation by CU SAGA President Jessie Bailey

Presentation by Gantt Multicultural Center President Altheia Richardson

  • Strengths of CUSG: well-established, influence, love and passion, alumni connections
  • Opportunities for growth: diversity of representation, intercultural competence, outreach, administrative relationships
  • Strategies to do so: standards for intercultural competence, attend university events, establish relationships with diverse populations & administration, support diversity-related issues on campus, don’t be afraid of starting something that requires more than a year
  • BB: how to build & improve administrative relationships?
  • AR: 2-way street, collaborative mindset in working together with administration, involve administrative side
  • BB: recommend students work with administration before resolution?
  • AR: yes, find out what’s already happening first
  • PG: where has CUSG stumbled with administration?
  • AR: space for LGBTQ students, meeting last week but more needs to be done earlier to ensure we are on the same page
  • AO: idea of standard for intercultural competence?
  • AR: I've had conversations with senators about wanting change in the organization, better understanding of issues, ensure those in office are adequately equipped to represent diverse populations such as going to events, talking with different groups, training & workshops
  • TM: most effective way to advocate for underrepresented students
  • AR: diversifying representation, working to understand issues even if we aren’t in those groups
  • MS: do resolutions from this body come across as hostile or aggressive?
  • AR: could be depending on the issue, but not as a general statement
  • OD: positive changes in CUSG?
  • AR: increase in diversity in representation, people who are passionate about the body and working to make CUSG more productive
  • JS: advice going forward referring to Sikes Sit-In?
  • AR: don’t know what CUSG did, not much was accomplished at the open forum, could have been facilitated better by leaving floor open for dialogue, not very encouraging
Academic Affairs, Shreya SHankar
  • Updates:
  • Council on Undergraduate Studies Meeting
  • Scholastic Policies -- meeting on modifying CU1000
  • Undergraduate Research - emailing different colleges about all research projects ongoing in their departments and availability for students
  • Test Moratorium policy still enact -- if any of you hear of any teacher not complying, or teacher with questions, contact me
  • Committee member projects -- 1:1’s this week for steps to move forward
  • Contact Information:
  • Shreya Shankar | 843-260-4372 | shanka2@g.clemson.edu | @ShreyaTheSlaya
Athletics, Josh Hutchinson
  • Updates
  • Meet with Athletic department regarding some new ticketing updates—shared very similar ideas for the future and will work to finalize those changes in the coming future
  • Meet with Chris Fiocchi from Campus Recreation
  • Working on some great projects to improve campus recreation
  • If you have any ideas of renovations that you would like to see please reach out to me
  • Projects
  • Ticketing policy proposal
  • Athletic updates
  • We’re still the 2016 COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPS! ‘nough said
  • Over 60,000 at the spring game—going to be great season this year
  • We are getting a collegiate softball team!
Campus Life, Jacob Livingston
  • Updates this Week
  • Continuing one-on-ones with committee this week, and each of them amaze me
  • Met with Dr. Chris Miller, Dr. Lee Gill, Altheia Richardson, Kendra Stewart Tillman, and others about the future of the LGBTQIA+ space on campus (see SR1).
  • A few BIG meetings this week:
  • Dining Leadership Team on Wednesday (ft. Rachel Reid)
  • Mayor of Clemson on Wednesday (ft. Zach Pate)
  • Kathy Hobgood on Friday
  • I had a salmon burger at one of the Food Summit food trucks this weekend and am a changed man. Thanks to everyone who came out! | jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
finance & procedures, miller hoffman
  • Legislation
  • Second Read on Cabinet Appointments/related bills
  • Non-Operational
  • Operational
  • Emergency (**must go through 2 Reads tonight**)
  • Bylaws Renovation
  • If you're interested at all in contributing to the modernization of the complete Handbook, see me after Senate
  • Organization of the Week: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  • Questions or conversation --> 803-412-5983 mhoffm5@g.clemson.edu
health & human services, madison gregoris
  • Updates:
  • Important legislation coming to the floor today from HHS (s/o Stephen and JLivvy) to show support for an LGBTQIA+ community space
  • Met with Patrick this week to discuss future directions of T&F
  • Senator s/o:
  • Jay
  • Individual Project Updates:
  • Anna - working on reforming CU Guardian app - adding “circle of 6”, dropping a pin or adding phonecall
  • Stephen - highlighting Trans friendly health people/counselors/RHA staff
  • Jordan - working on accessibility ad-hoc
  • Jay - first generation counseling
  • Aliyah - more accessible STD/STI training
  • Daniel - including diversity/inclusivity component into CUSG Retreat
  • Perrin - whatever she wants to do
  • Contact these people if you have resources, help or anything else they might want or need
  • Call me/beep me/if you wanna reach me | 3155592066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu, SC: @madisonj315
transportation & facilities, patrick gorospe
  • Updates
  • BikeShare
  • Sign up for $5 at Clemson.Bcycle.com, pick up registration card at PATS
  • S/O to Owen Phillips with most trips (19) & most miles (37.5mi)
  • East Energy Facility Controversy
  • University is reconsidering locations, more information to come
  • Talk to me about your sustainable ideas!
  • Design & Entrepreneurship Network (DEN) - on campus promoter of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. Can take as CI or Club. Come bring your ideas and yourself!
  • HMU 803-371-0959 | pgorosp@clemson.edu | @heyitsmepatg (coffee, free food, friendship)
university services, mikey summers
  • Updates:
  • Met with Ryan Real
  • ITSAB is still looking for interested candidates
  • Palmetto Cluster Tour
  • Thursday at 3:30pm
  • Text me if you are interested
  • One-on-ones last week
  • We The Tigers vs. Your Voice
  • Meeting with Chuck Knepfle this week
  • Meeting with Spiro Institute Wednesday
  • CI Advisory Board
  • Food Summit was great!
clerk, jack council
  • Congrats to new driving!!!
  • Questions
  • Contact info:
  • 704-488-3242
  • jcounci@g.clemson.edu
  • snapchat /insta: @jack_council/@jackcouncil
secretary, kara donovan
  • Points opportunities:
  • Funding Board
  • Sharing Bike Share post on fb
  • Contact info:
  • (410)-220-7220
  • donova3@g.clemson.edu
  • Insta: @kara710
  • Twitter: @kdon710
pro temp, steven patrick
  • Congrats to Driving! Meeting immediately after senate adjourns.
  • Everyone that interviewed did a great job
  • Plz d0 d survey :)
vice president, jaren stewart
  • Vice Presidents Council
  • Meeting with Miller
  • Understanding of Senate Approval process
  • Future Amendments
president, leland dunwoodie
  • Shoutouts
  • Food Summit Team - Mikey, JLivvy, Thomas, Banner, others
  • Absences for Interviews - Rachel Reinker, Madeline Lynn (Tell your friends)
  • Madison Gregoris - HBD + OneClemson
  • Updates
  • Outreach: TTO, Makerspace, DEN, NPHC
  • Who else?
  • International Student Collaboration - $3000
  • Academic Integrity Committee
  • 1 rep from CECAS
  • 1 rep from Business
  • 1 rep from Science
  • 1 rep from AAH
  • Media Listserv
  • Something in These Hills
  • Steering Action Steps
  • Read legislation beforehand to get your questions answered
  • Notebook to Senate meeting
  • Project list
  • Vice-Chairs
  • Committee of the Whole
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie

old business

Senate Bill 6
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsors: Killian McDonald & Emma Hume
  • Purpose: To create the one-year positions of Secretary of Affairs, Secretary of Advancement, Secretary of Communications, Secretary of Engagement, LGBTQIA+ Engagement Director, Multicultural and International Engagement Director, and Webmaster
  • JL: con- assistant to VP’s council, responsibilities already falling under VP & Chief of Staff
  • MR: pro- spoken with a lot of other people, done their due diligence, positions to help them succeed
  • BS: con- initially hesitant about some positions, but really like LGBTQIA+ and Multicultural Engagement, yield time to Lindsey Wright
  • Lindsey: position of webmaster already in bylaws under PR director, Chief of Staff supposed to be advisor to president & VP, multicultural chair may be stepping on toes of CODA, want to make everyone aware of what is already in bylaws
  • IK: pro- since we haven’t had vice president’s cabinet in 3 years, need some organization for this and work on bringing all the necessary information, certain groups have reached out more and were part of the platform, hence the cabinet roles, as opposed to others
  • MP: con- LGBTQIA+ and multicultural engagement already have adequate representation in this room
  • CJ: pro- strongly in favor of multicultural engagement director, would work together with CODA in covering all gaps among diversity representation
  • JH: con- LGBTQIA+ and multicultural engagement sets a precedent that positions can be set up specifically for communities that come to themselves, be fair towards all minority groups on campus
  • EAG: pro- advisor to VP council would be good in strengthening communication, multicultural position needs good representation, part of the platform they ran on
  • ST: con- don’t need to expand executive branch too much by allowing any minority to come and get a position on cabinet
  • PG: pro- need a full position for the webmaster to clear up confusion over who is responsible, need LGBTQIA+ position because there is a difference between being included and being accepted as part of LGBTQIA+ community, need advisor to VP in order to most effectively restart VP council
  • BB: con- CODA shouldn’t only deal with racial representation, dangerous to give precedence to certain minorities with positions on cabinet
  • SM: pro- advisor to VP, multicultural, LGBTQIA+ testimonies from underrepresented groups stating what they want and what they need
  • MP: con- not against the values of the underrepresented groups, but need to be cautious of adding extra positions unless necessary
  • IK: pro- organizations and outreach still have groups to work with and will be working together
  • KV: con- hesitant on advisor to VP, adding advisor in the middle makes it seem VP isn’t competent enough to lead own council
  • JL: pro- resolution a few years ago to increase inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ community, ad hoc committee last year for this same purpose → very large task, have a 1.5/5 campus pride index, responsibilities cannot fall on just 1 or 2 people, this is a start to the diversity and inclusion component of the platform
  • MG: con- advisor to VP council not necessary because the council can run without an advisor
  • MG: pro- LGBTQIA+ and multicultural engagement directors, act as an arm of CODA since they can’t cover everything multicultural and international, representation is necessary not just desired
  • BS: con- advisor to VP cabinet taking over duties of Chief of Staff, also concerned about structure, yield time to Lindsey
  • Lindsey: Shannon & Shaq created 3, Joey & Nicki created 5, Killian & Jaren want 8 → potential confusion amongst positions, under this administration tried a similar structure with chiefs but cabinet started meeting every week a little while into administration
  • ZP: pro- these are 1 year positions, no precedence for roles like LGBTQIA+ and multicultural engagement, need for this if you look around
  • JH: con- not afraid to help communities, but want to do it right, move to pass this bill by parts
  • Still in second read
  • CJ: pro- already special interest positions on cabinet, Greek affairs was a special interest in the past
  • SP: con- would like to continue debate, not a substantial need for VP advisor, don’t need too large of a cabinet
  • SP: pro- need right now for positions of LGBTQIA+ and multicultural engagement, other minority groups already have things in place to support them, advisor to VP council also necessary for better communication between VP and council
  • EA: con- shouldn’t pick and choose minorities to represent, dangerous down the road
  • AG: pro- not permanent positions, pertinent need right now, don’t have a better plan
  • BS: con- webmaster already has position under PR committee
  • MR: pro- webmaster very important currently to really overhaul website, groups are welcome to come ask for better representation from us but right now LGBTQIA+ and multicultural directors are needed this year
  • BB: con- move to pass by parts
  • Secretary of affairs passes
  • Secretary of advancement passes
  • Secretary of communications passes
  • Secretary of engagement passes
  • LGBTQIA+ Engagement Director passes
  • Multicultural and International Engagement Director passes
  • Advisor to the Vice President’s Council fails
  • Webmaster passes
senate bill 7
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsors: Killian McDonald & Emma Hume
  • Purpose: To create the one-year dual position of Finance Director/Executive Secretary
  • AK: move to call this bill to question
  • Bill passes
senate bill 8
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsor: Killian McDonald
  • Purpose: To approve the following appointments to the 2017-2018 President's Cabinet
  • CS: hostile amendment to remove line 30
  • JR: move to approve amendment by acclimation
  • Amendment passes
  • TM: great positions
  • CJ: move to call bill to question
  • Bill passes

new business

senate bill 9
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations
  • ZP: what are Big 6?
  • MH: Fraternity & Sorority Life, Tiger Paw Productions, Tiger Media, Clemson Live, CUSG, Central Spirit
  • BB: can recreational therapy club come back this year?
  • MH: are allowed to vote electronically over email, but the club hasn’t followed up
  • CJ: request funding after last senate?
  • MH: could do 2 reads in 1 night
  • PS: where to find excel sheet?
  • MH: Jack’s email
  • ST: move to send this bill back to F&P
  • Back in F&P
senate bill 10
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended operational appropriations
  • BD: move to send this bill back to F&P
  • Back in F&P
senate bill 11
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended emergency appropriations
  • PG: define rugby football?
  • MH: name under Tiger Quest as recognized student org
  • PT: move to send this bill into second read
  • In second read
  • JS: represent Clemson on national scale
  • LU: move to call bill into question
  • Bill passes
senate resolution 1
  • Authors: Stephen Moore & Jacob Livingston
  • Sponsors: Joe Whitaker & Jessie Bailey
  • Purpose: To express Undergraduate Student Senate support for the prompt allocation of an on-campus LGBTQIA+ community space
  • IK: great idea, but from logistics standpoint will this cost money?
  • JL: main concern right now is finding a space, community is more than open to donate literature & furniture, yield to Altheia Richardson
  • AR: looking at space in Brackett Hall near Gantt center, administration can come up with funds
  • ST: restrictions to keep it for its intended purpose for the community?
  • JL: filled with resources for these students, marketed as an LGBTQIA+ space, but can’t require everyone to be in that community, yield to Altheia Richardson
  • AR: currently advocating for full time position, chief diversity officer is committed to providing these resources, will work with the space and make sure needs are met, etc.
  • AM: do schools with a higher score than us have a safe space/student space?
  • JL: a space for any student to go and build relationships
  • JB: University of Louisville, University of South Carolina
  • AM: would it limit LGBTQIA+ students only going to this space to study?
  • JB: space would be open to anyone
  • JL: currently no space available so they are interacting with the student body, this group has many unique experiences, similar to CUSG offices
  • SM: testimony stating people of LGBTQIA+ students have tried to go to campus events and haven’t felt welcome
  • CJ: other metrics to measure this?
  • SM: statistics to measure harassment in South Carolina schools K-12, being called a derogatory term, physical abuse
  • JL: campus climate survey sent out last year, many minority students felt unsafe
  • PG: define QIA+
  • JB: queer, intersexual, & asexual
  • AO: specifics about amount of Clemson population in this community?
  • JL: using national statistics, but the community doesn’t only include those who are out but also in the closet and who may not even be aware yet
  • AO: how would negative situations in the space be handled?
  • JL: hate speech or derogatory speech does have a set standard procedure by CUPD
  • MP: why is this best solution?
  • JB: requires student initiative to expand upon student groups, need a place for conversations amongst students since meetings are more structured
  • MP: a lot of people in these groups already meet, etc. what differences would this space provide?
  • JB: SAGA meetings can be intimidating, probably be fewer people at any given time, more relaxed environment, lot more commitment to join an organization
  • MP: how does this space reform campus climate and the views toward this community?
  • JB: making Clemson a more enjoyable environment, showing support for this community
  • ZP: other communities or groups that have a space like this?
  • JL: WISE and PEER, Gantt center, Student Veterans Associations, Greek organizations
  • MR: potential target for hate crimes, and safety measures?
  • JB: never seen hostile behavior toward a SAGA meeting or event, potential to require card access, but want it to be an open space
  • MH: how do we from a governmental aspect best represent these underrepresented students?
  • JW: purpose of my new position
  • JL: also purpose of my and Janay’s ad hoc committee to meet the needs of this community
  • MH: keycard access?
  • JL: only if a hate crime were to occur or the safety of those students were threatened, but not a current plan, rather a reactionary measure
  • ST: procedure of a negative situation that wouldn’t warrant CUPD
  • JB: dialogue with students in the space, end conversation if not comfortable
  • KM: clarify how this relates to the resolution CUSG has already passed
  • JL: voice of these students needs to be heard, precedence for creation of ad hoc, talks with housing, this resolution, etc.
  • JS: move to send this resolution back to committee
  • Back in committee


  • JL: open to continue conversations about resolution
  • MH: see me if interested in helping reform bylaws
  • MG: move for a roll call
  • Senators Miller, Cherry, McCormack, Ruday, Seymour, Albert, & Finley were found absent
  • BB: CUSG service event “Get Down with the Downs” Saturday
  • LD: Zumba next week with Emma on Wednesday, Freshmen Council Movie Night
AS: move to adjourn
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Kara Donovan


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