The Island of Rattatoille A marvelous rat land

On the day I discovered the land of rattatoille,I was immediately gaping and dumbfounded. It was the most extraordinary island you would ever see and had possibly the most inteving people and creatures no one would ever believe. I found to my amazingness I stepped onto the lands shores, I felt the need to investigate.

When I first set foot on the island I was immediately spellbound, the most wonderful place no one would ever believe. When it was explained to me how the island moves and behaves, I had to do my exploring a little faster that expected.

It was a fantastically strange experience but possibly a once-in-a-lifetime chance. But eventually my adventure came to an arruppt end...

I was peering down into the unique water of the bubblegum pool before I accidentally fell in. I began to seek help from the villagers as I had turned remarkably PINK, they told me to bathe in the sea. So I did. Suddenly the island disappeared! I found myself in open water as I clambered onto my boat.

I hope this guide will give some insight of the peculiar and mesmerising encounters I had on this island.

The Bubblegum Pool:

Possibly one of my favourite places yet,swarming with many-a-kind-animals. At first I was frightened about this place as fantastical animals skipped between my legs-though I soon got used to it. The pool itself is in all ways unique if you were to pick up the PINK water and transferre it to the BLUE side it would immediately turn BLUE. Home to the chuppa-chup Bunny (which usually lives on the PINK side) happily plays by the pool all day.

The candy forest:

Possibly the border of the toffee tree, the candy forest has leaves of candy-floss and trunks of white chocolate. It was deleicous as I dug my my fingers into the smooth choco on the tree. Although the people scolded me for this, many children where licking their lips all the same.

Candy castle:

Featuring a strawberry sauce moat and the tastiest of walls, shaped from a chocolate orange. Home to all the royal rats,mice and gerbils; praised by all. When I first came across this place I was amazed by the placed candy.

Lime gardens:

Sourly mixed with the tangy fruit lemon, this makes it the most rudest place on the island. Confused by the weird noises coming from it, I tiptoed over to investigate. As I got closer the animals baaed and mooed in the angriest way I'd ever heard. Just before a sheep thundered towards me (to butt me) I turned tail and ran...

The candy cane village:

Home to the villagers and the one-and-only trio-woof, I came across this place by seeing the red grass and the white dainty houses. The luscious houses sparkled bright (none the same)


Home to the famous Rattatus (that has colour changing wings) is loved by all. Tip-tail-beach which shines a dazzaling pink and a golden yellow, has many visits rain or shine, when I came across here by chasing a lost rattatus to see it more clearly. Before I stumbled across the dazzling beach swarming with rattatus.

Mount syrup:

The syrup tumbling down the dark chocolate rock face shines a golden yellow. Home to the trio tailed foxy, which dwells deep inside the rock,the mountain is in the darkness of the land. Mount syrup provides as much syrup as the island needs (that's a lot of pancakes)! Only erupting once a week, I was lucky to come on that day. Eventually, I pushed to the front of the crowd to see the magnificent eruption. It was delecious.

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