Deconstruction By Witchcraft


2012 | Rock

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“Say me mister officer, what is it that you want from me? -- I'm just another brick in this fascist regime society. -- I stand naked and abused.”


  • Witvhcraft is a Swedish rock band formed by Magnus Pelander in 2000 in order to record a tribute to Pentagram's Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson.
  • Legend is the debut of Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums) to the band. Its the first slbum that Magnus Pelander opted to focus on vocals and is the first Witchcraft album he does not play guitar as well as sing.
  • Deconstruction is the album opener.


Luke Tatum

This is the kind of jam I would write. You know, if I was musically talented. I can drum, but haven't actually practiced in over 10 years. Wishful thinking aside, the song's lyrics hit heavy right from the opening. The "utopian" ideals of a society that can be fixed with enough law enforcement are "breaking way for all to see." This over-policing, over-regulating, over-bearing nightmare of a state leaves "broken helpless souls," and "Satan is amused." Fun, eh? The music reflects this too, gradually winding down after the initial barrage of lyrics. When the pace picks back up and the vocals return, we find that "Tension blows a fuse," or as I understand it, our narrator has rejected this system and begun to live his own life instead of chafing under the oppression of the state. Cool stuff.

Sherry Voluntary

This is a solid metal tune, with vocals you can clearly understand, something I appreciate. I’m not exactly clear what this song is saying fully, but there is one part that stuck out for me.

“The altruistic ones would cherish in their hearts. Decide and conduct, correct your misconduct. Be brave and be strong, hold do no other wrong.”

While I don’t believe in altruism because no one is obligated to do good things, I do believe in generosity of spirit, and kindness. I also believe in radical freedom and radical personal responsibility. You need both for a society to function well. There must be those willing to be responsible adults in control of themselves, and to live in a manner that considers the consequences of their actions on others. Also, it takes inner strength and courage to live non-aggression. Violence is such a popular solution to problems because it is relatively effective at getting people to do what you want, at least for a little while. Living in a way that gives people the option to say no, even when their participation would help a lot of people is a very enlightened point of view, and it takes principled individuals to do it.

Nicky P

Sherry let her age slip a little there when she called this metal. This barely gets my rock sensor lit up. I do share her sentiment that it’s a little difficult to follow, most likely part of the whole Swedish metal band singing in English thing. If I were to take a stab at the meaning it’s an accusation from those who are subjugated against their rulers. The opening lines are basically: “WTF officer, I’m just being a good little subject.” As it goes on it seems as though he’s sarcastically lamenting the nobility and altruism of the upper caste of society. I’ll be honest the lyrics use a heavy dose of artistic license. Maybe I’m just imparting my own anger at the news that Daniel Shaver’s murderer is not only walking free but was helped by his department to secure a lifetime vacation at the taxpayers expense. Who can say? Perhaps that’s the beauty of art, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

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Nicky P

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