Australian Government by: quinshon judkins

My country was Australia

The Australia government was a federal monarchy when it was established in the 19th century.

Since Australia is a pretty good government and most of it's places are spread out ,based on my research Australia has never had a overthrown government, but there was an altercation with great Britain and the u.s government where they tried to overthrow the government.

The two governments that took place in the events were great Britain and the United States

The two governments teamed up to try and over throw the Australian government but it didn't actually work.

There were events that recently happened with Australia, such as lowering exposer levels etc.

The type of government Australia had was a federal monarchy

( written in my own words)A federal monarchy is a group of states with one monarch as all head.retaining different monarchs, or a non-monarchical system of government, in the various states joined to the federation.

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