Gridding an Image to draw like a master!

Ever wonder how artists can draw photo realistically - especially when something is so BIG?

Pick a photo

I love my Brody!

Mark off every centimeter on all edges and draw lines over the picture
Do the math to have the same number of squares in each direction & grid out a larger paper (follow the link above for specifics)
Using the grid, transfer the picture onto the larger paper

ERASE your grid marks as you work!

Remember - the whole point is to NOT see the grid on the final. Make sure you cannot see ANY grid lines on the larger paper! Use colored pencil & blender pencil and...



There are other ways of gridding.

Quicker ways, easier ways.

You don't have to draw lines AND THEN ERASE LINES all over your paper...

As long as you can divide the paper evenly, there's a much quicker way to grid.

The WHOLE point is to know where on the paper the image goes.

Only add lines where you NEED to add lines!

Your turn - take your image and decide the best way to grid. Remember - the best way isn't always the easiest way.

Be prepared to defend your decision!


Created with images by Unsplash - "kings cross pillar geometry" • erix! - "to be filled" • a loves dc - "erase" • georigami - "Infinite Star of Eden"

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