BHS Dress Code If government fails to fulfill the end for which it was established -the preservation of the INDIVIDUAL'S right to life liberty and property- the people have the right to dissolve that government

By Trevor Anibal

John Locke would be against BHS dress code. Locke says human beings never agree to surrender their natural rights to any society. Locke would rather have made his own dress code instead of someone making him dress the way they want. Locke says:

In establishing a government, human beings had never agreed to surrender to their natural rights to any state authority

What Locke is saying here is that in every government (in this case being the school). Humans never want to give up on what they believe in. If Locke was to be placed into this dress code according to the quotation above he would not want to surrender. If he were to just put up with the dress code that is in place currently he would be doing the opposite of what he is saying in this quote. Locke later says

Frequent rebellion, the true rebels are the magistrates who, acting contrary to the trust granted them violate people's rights.

To conclude Locke would not only be against the BHS dress code but any dress code he would need to follow. He would rather create his own dress code Rather than follow one.


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