Pendant ideas By Pien van der wal

I really like this design because it is of a dachshund and Mick is a dachshund.

This paw print would be a nice pendant to make because it I 2D and not too elaborate.

This bone idea is really cool, only I don't like that it is 3D. If I would make this idea I would make it 2D.

This chain is really cute because it has a paw in it. It is also not too elaborate.

I also think this dachshund pendant is nice only I would not have the bone with the gems. Also I would need to make it 2D.

This bone design is also really nice but I can't use two types of metals and make it 3D, so I'd need to change those things.

This tennis ball pendant is really nice because Mick loves playing ball. The only issue is the gems. I can't use gems and would therefore have to just make it out of metal.

This dachund pendant is nice because Mick is a dachshund. It is also 2D and looks very nice.


Created with images by Mauro Cateb - "Westie terrier pendant (8/8) - lost wax"

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