Business An inside look

What we do

The Cyborg Cat’s business sub-team manages the logistical side of our team. While it is true that we create our best robot and place great focus on the development of engineering skills, we believe our team can develop skills that are business-related as well. Additionally, we strive to honor the blessings and privileges our team has been granted not just through excellence in engineering, but by sustaining a professional and polished image in our team.

How we do this


The people who run finance work to budget our team's expenses. They catalog all parts that are bought and create a balance sheet to see how our expenses compare to our funding for the year. They prioritize what is to be bought, assess deficits, and work with marketing to find where we can get sponsors to partner with our team.


For writing our awards, we select people with exceptional writing abilities to work on showing judges what we are doing in our both our internal and external community and also what sets us apart from any generic group of engineers. They work collaboratively, bouncing ideas of what will appeal to others, and creating essays that eloquently express the accomplishments of our team.


The outreach team works to organize trips to visit hospitals, schools, and other venues to impact our community. They help us to impact others by creating exciting and engaging presentations to inspire others to have a passion for STEM and to teach them about the opportunities and benefits of pursuing STEM education and experiences.


This team works to present to potential sponsors to provide them with an idea of who we are, why we are passionate about our team, and explain how their partnership with us affords us the opportunity to carry out our mission.


The media sub-team have many responsibilities, including photo and video production, maintaining the website, and keeping our social media active. The media team works primarily to present a holistic and positive view of the Westminster Robotics Team to the school and our extended community.

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