Syrian Civil War Isabela Lopez

I chose this modern revolution because recently, I've heard a lot about it on the news. The number of children effected by this revolution was what most interested me. I also found the reason why this revolution started interesting. This changed my view on modern revolutions by allowing me to realize what is actually going on in the world. This project challenged me by forcing me to understand what others are going through.

INcubation Stage

This revolution started when a teen spray painted on the walls of his school. A prank at the moment soon turned into a civil war. The next day he was arrested and tortured for weeks, along with 22 other kids involved in the prank, killing 3 of them. This graffiti soon impacted many throughout the country, especially children.

The paint on the school that started the war reading, "It's your turn, Doctor Bashar al Assad.'
Symptomatic stage

Protests against the government soon followed the arrest of the teen. Demonstrators are upset with the government of Bashar al- Assad. Officers arrested thousands of protesters, and when these events were still being held, police had to resort to violence. In Assad's attempt to appease the people, he ended the state of emergency that they had been living under for decades. Protesters included both children and adults.

Protests in Syria
crisis stage

During a day full of protests, a tank entered a city and opened fire, killing 6. This was to demonstrate the lack of freedom the civilians had. Security forces then reacted by opening fire on protesters. This led to worse things like attacks with tear gas and bombings on the country. Other countries started protesting for the resignation of Assad. These attacks led many children without families forcing them to find shelter elsewhere. These events led to the harsher events of the revolution that is still going on today.

The aftermath of a bombing in Syria
convalescence stage

This revolution still continues to this day. Civilians still want freedom from the strict government. They want and need the violence to stop. I think the only was for this way of life to change is for a new leader to step in place for Assad. Until then, this civil war will remain. This country needs peace and unity.

A part of Syria before and after a bombing

Similarities and Differences between the Syrian Revolution and French Revolution.

Both revolutions started because of the lack of equality. Both countries weren't pleased with their leaders. Also, both revolutions were against their own country. These wars obviously occurred at different periods in time. The French revolution ended in 1799 while the Syrian revolution is still going on today


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