Potato Chips By: Rio

I think everyone has eaten chips before, but have you ever actually thought about what has happened before you ate it? Now it’s time for you to learn. I hope after reading this article you will learn a lot more new things that you didn’t know about potato chips!

History of Potato Chips

George Crum (Left)

Did you know that potato chips were never actually created purposely? Potato chips were accidentally created when there was an angry customer in 1853 at the Moon Lake Resort in Saratoga Springs New York. One day someone ordered french fries and complained that it was too thick to chef George Crum. Then the chef made the fries thinner and thinner but the customer still complained. After that, he got very mad and made the “fries” so thin that you won’t be able to eat it with a fork to annoy the customer, but instead, the customer loved it. Matt Blitz says “It was a popular item in the area later in his life; it’s been claimed he commonly served baskets of chips on tables as an appetizer for guests.” So the chef started making the chips and first started calling them Saratoga Chips and potato crunch but now they’re called potato chips or just chips.


Process of Making Potato Chips

They start by getting potatoes from farms and weighing and examining them.

They start peeling the potato skins off and washing the potatoes with cold water.

Then machines will cut the potatoes into paper thin slices.

After that, the machine puts the paper thin slices into cold water again so there will not be starch on the potato slices because potatoes release starch when it’s cut.

(Optional depending on their company) They will chemically enhance the colour of the potato chips.

The potato slices will then go through air jets to remove the water that is on the potatoes.

Then the potato slices will go into a 40 to 75 ft troughs filled with oil that is kept at the temperature of 350 to 375 Fahrenheit and here they will start frying the potatoes.

Then the fried potatoes will go through the powdered seasonings the company wants.

The machines will weigh the amount that is chosen to have in each bag of chips. Also at this stage, the machines will check if there are any metal pieces that went with the potatoes in the process of making them.

Then will be packaged and sealed using heat.

“Taste samples are made from each batch throughout the manufacturing process, usually at a rate of once per hour,” says Mary F. McNulty. This shows how potato chips are tested every hour to make sure what the machines are making are as good as what the customers want it.

What are Potato Chip Bags Made Out Of? Recycle?

Chip bags are usually made out of aluminum laminated with polypropylene. But the real question “Can you recycle it”, unfortunately, you cannot put a normal chip bag inside a normal recycling bin. But you still can do many things with an empty chip bag. For example, you can use the chip bag to remake a clipboard, trash cans, a tote bag and much more. Mark Andrew Boyer from Mashable Asia says “3D printing is the future of fabrication, but there's one problem: It uses a lot of plastic. The studio sources its chip bags from TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based recycling company, which melts the bags down and forms them into pellets. The team at 3D Brooklyn uses those pellets to make filament — the main ingredient used in 3D printing — that they sell to other companies for their own printing operations.” So this shows how polypropylene can be recycled and should be recycled because of the amazing things that it could do, for example, to make a futuristic thing using the 3D printer. So after you finished a whole chip bag you should always recycle them because there are always better uses of empty chip bags than to have it in the dumpster.


After reading this article you have learned about the history, how companies make the potato chips, and how you can recycle a chip bag. So now I hope the next time you finish eating a whole chip bag you can remember to recycle it, so it could help make more futuristic things that could change in the future.


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