English 150 Final Project Keegan Davis

This is one of Doug's scholarly articles that he had for his Unit 4 paper. This gave him a lot of information that he said helped him very well and got a good grasp of what he needed in order to dive right into his paper. This article was very well written and described for him to do well on his paper and answer the questions to the best capability he has the knowledge of.
In this picture it is just a selfie of my laptop and I while I was brainstorming ideas for my unit 4 research paper and trying to come up with more sources and examples I already know about my research question. This was intended for everybody, because I was trying to find a easier way to come up with some ideas so brainstorming was the first idea and can help you with just about any project.
As you can see in this picture Angelica and I are looking for needed information and writing situations through magazines during the Unit 2 paper on "What matters in our society?". We were kind of stuck at a point because there is a lot of things that matter but when you work together and have another persons opinion things get narrowed down and more outcomes will come to mind faster and easier.
In this picture John took, you can see that they're trying to organize their papers in a effective way for the audience to understand it. Which will help in your future with any classes or even out of school time to be well organized.
While we were in class we had extra time to spare so De'Andre started working on McGraw Hill Connect. This will help him demonstrate the right sentence structures, language, grammar, and mechanics of writing.
In this picture you can see my group and I working together during peer-review and getting feedback from each other. Usually we have peer review a few days before we turn in our Final Drafts, this helps us work together more efficiently and the more feedback you get from different people the more notes you take down on what you need to do better next time. This picture also falls in line with the course outcome of improving content and style using feedback and revision because getting feedback from a group of other students is smart so you have more that just one opinion. In the future it will help with school because writing essays and papers you will need other students to look at it to see if you are on the right track and knowing what you are doing.
In this picture you can see just about the whole class and we were doing a Free Write on a topic she gave us. This was the first or second day of English class when I first got to college and I had to adapt to the environment and the students that I have never even met before. When I first get around people I'm not much of the talking type but when I start to adapt things get smoother.
Douglas took a picture of his Rough Draft for Unit 1 before putting it onto google drive because he has some mistakes and writing problems that he needs to fix before turning it in. Along with some of the context and making sure everything is right before he submits anything. This shows for how much you need to revise and make sure your papers are well done.
In this picture as you can see, Matt is trying to find sources and more articles for his Unit 4 research paper that will help him successfully write his paper. This is a great way to find more resources and develop reliable ideas for the topics needed. This also ties in with the course outcomes with him being able to asses his sources and information, which means he's able to evaluate his information and in the future for next semester he will be able to have this expertise in English 250 which is based just more on research papers.
As Unique is working on her paper, she is trying to come up with a good assertion that will make her paper better. While she is doing that, she is supporting her assertion with great examples and being able to do this now will help her and other students in future reference for schooling and writing papers/essays.
In this picture you can see that we are outside of class but still working together trying to come up with ideas that would help us all on our papers. Being able to get together in and out of the classroom is great because you can get more time and with this time we were organizing our ideas effectively by taking notes, something like a peer review and was able to get our papers started on a good note which can help us in the future by being able to take notes easier and working well with other people outside the room.
As you can see in this picture Matt is looking a little confused on what he is supposed to be doing so he asked Dr. Pavletic a few questions and the answers helped him very well on his paper. The words and tone being used in this conversation were a smart and intelligent tone for him to understand what she is trying to say, and by her explaining it with the questions he asked will help him in the future because he won't be stuck or confused on it and maybe will be the one to show somebody the problems he had been through during the time.
In this picture you can see Canya, Cole and Douglas working on peer review for the Unit 4 paper. This is a very smart way critiquing others papers and working together on writing problems because the feedback you get is from your peers which helps you get good feedback and your peers learn more about going through papers and basically annotating and telling you what makes sense and doesn't make sense. This is a strong way to build confidence and criticism from others and will help in the future schooling because you will have the experience to do so with other students.
As you can see in this picture, I am revising my Unit 4 paper to make sure everything is correct and put in the right order before turning it in. Revising my papers help me in a lot of different areas such as keeping a central point of view and not bouncing around, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation. In the future, revising over grammar, mechanics and all those things will help because your writings will be more efficient, reliable, effective, and proper.

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