What Is Good Food? Good food is anything that is grown naturally, any organic food, it's not food that has been changed from a company.

Good Food is not from the store that just changes how food is made. It's from the farms that grow it fresh and naturally. They don't use different chemicals to change how they grow the food and how it is made.
Good Food grown at a farm is very healthy and good for you. Food that is grown at farms is the best foods for your body.
Any organic food at a store is way better for you than anything else. Organic foods aren't changed how they are grown and made. It is better for you too choose organic food than anything else.
Many healthy foods at a supermarket will be way more money than bad foods. Many people don't like this and if you don't make a lot of money it's hard for you to buy healthy foods.
Chickens that are at a chicken farm are very unhealthy. They step in their own feces and they sometimes get sick. If you are shopping at a supermarket be careful on what you choose.
The chickens that are at a chicken farm are being grown really fast. The people that are running them are making them grow way faster than they used too in the past.
Fast food places are very unhealthy and pretty much unsafe. The beef and chicken they get they don't treat the animals right and don't do it very safely either.
A lot of farmers get in trouble from Monsanto. Monsanto is really close with the government so if they bring a farmer to court most of the time the farmer gets in trouble.
Eating with your family is a good thing. Many families don't eat with their families. Eating with your family can improve your relationship with them.
As you can see food that are sold at the store are sometimes very unhealthy for you. You should really consider buying healthier and different food that companies aren't changing.


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