Everything You Need to Know About the Trumpet By : Jason Cardoso

Parts to the Trumpet

There are many parts to the trumpet. For example, the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of metal. Another, piece to the trumpet is the vaul. There are three values. They have numbers so you know what hole they go in. There is A piece on the bottom that make it seem like a trumbower, (an instrument). You have to buzz in it to make A sound. This is all the parts to the trumpet.

this is a valve.
this is a diagram of the trumpet.

Practice makes Perfect

To play the trumpet you have to practice first. You should practice for 20 min and 7 days a week. The trumpet makes a beautiful sound. You just have to practice to hear it. If you practice you might become a Musician, (performer) and be apart of a jazz band. This is why you should practice the trumpet.

Notes To the Trumpet

There are many notes to the trumpet. Like, E and A. Every note makes a different sound. If you now the fingering, ( to that note on the values). There are over 50 notes. Here are some more notes B,F,G,C,D. This is all the notes to the trumpet.


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