Lush Bath Bombs Shania Copes


Logo and Slogan

The logo for lush is the brand name Lush with the green and yellow background or the name in all black. The logo also has the slogan in it which is "Fresh hand made cosmetics" The company is centered around six other

Intergalactic Bath Bomb


Customers of Lush would probably say that the mascot of Lush would be a bath bomb because it is one of there more popular products. Bath bombs make up


Emotional Incentives would be to relax and take a bath with fizzes and smell good components. Other items would include rose petals, sparkles and much more. Lush bath bombs make baths more enjoyable and for the purpose of relaxing. All of the stress in the day can just melt away with a nice bath bomb to sooth your physical tensions. Lush bath bombs can improve your mental and psychological health by giving you an outlet to relive and relax.



The rational motive would be to improve your health through relaxation. Lush makes the hand made products to stay natural and the company is helping the earth by doing so. Another rational motive would be that it makes your bath better than any regular bath.

Product Features

One of the best parts about Lush's Bath Bombs are that they are all different. Lush has a vast variety of different bath bombs to chose form that feature all sorts of ingredients. Rose pedals, sparkles, and even popping candy could come in a bath bomb from Lush. The most important ingredients are the fizz that helps break down the bomb and essential oils that have your skin feeling smooth and so soft after the bath. The essential oils very depending on the type of bath bomb you could get one with a greapjfrut oil to a tangerine oil. All of the bath bombs are categorized in the safe Synthetics category or the Natural Ingredients for safety of the customer, so they know exactly what is in each bath bomb.

Target Market

Lush's target market is diverse, the company targets women ranging from ages 18 to 45, and who are in the middle to upper class. Men are in the mix as well but are not Lush's specific target. Targeting more younger women who are interested in natural skin care and aging remedies and products. The Lush shops are usually found in high traffic shopping places, malls and outlet store area's. Lush's products are found most popular around young adults, especially their bath bombs.

Product Strategy

Lush's product strategy has a lot of trend, so items that are very popular stay on the market for a longer amount of time. Lush brings out new products every season and by having products be featured seasonal this keeps their customers coming back for more. For this easter and spring season Lush launched a new product that looks like a little chick egg but when broken apart it is actually three bath bombs in one (the bace, middle, and top of the egg)

Chick 'N' Mix


Lush's channel distribution HQ (Head Quarters) is in Vancouver Canada, the company has always resided in North America. Here they manage everything for the company from making shelfs that will be used in stores to new ideas for marketing strategies and new ideas on bath bombs one of their best sellers.


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