St. Louis By: Jacob Cheatham


St. Louis is approximately 319 miles from Freeport or 4 hours and 39 minutes. The climate in January gets down to about 21 degrees and the hottest it gets is average of 89 degrees. The population in st. Louis is about 318, 416 people as of 2013. St. Louis is built along the western part of the Mississippi River.

Historical information

In 1542 St. Louis was founded. the Mississippi river and its valley were first explored by the Spaniard, Hernando de Soto.

In 1800 St. Louis became a part of France. Pierre Laclede led an expedition to set up far trading post farther up the Mississippi River.

Cultural information

St. Louis has a dozen streets with houses of 10,000 square feet. There is hundreds of pieces of telephone related memorabilia. If you are a church person there were 1.3 million people that were unclaimed by one of the 188 churches. The largest group of Catholics include approximately 650,000 members.

st alphonsus church

Things to do in St. Louis

One thing to do is you can visit the old court house. If you are into nature you can take your family on a long nature walk at the St. Louis National Park. If you like Grant or you are related to him you can visit his farm. I am sure that you have seen the arch that is (630 feet above the ground) but if you want to you can go up in it and see the whole city.

The Gateway Arch.

The old court house

These are some birds that you can find at Grants farm.

Other Facts

After the Louisiana purchase in the late 19th Century St . Louis was declared the 4th largest city in the united states.


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