Mission Patch

In heavily populated cities around the world, people are not able to breath clean, purified air, which can cause future breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

To solve this problem, we created multiple criteria to make our solution to the best of our abilities. The criteria that we came up with were that our solution has to be light, portable, dust resistant, easy to use, and it has to allow the user to speak.

Our constraints in solving this problem were our eighth grade budget, our unprofessional knowledge, and our time allowed to solve it.

By incorporating all of these elements into our solution, we created a design that satisfies our criteria and can solve the problem of highly air polluted cities. To do this, we intend to create a prototype that is suctioned to the mouth with silicone and can be adjusted to different head shapes with a rubber strap. This clear mask will be able to filter air into a plastic mouth piece by using the NASA technology of particle contamination mitigation methods (NASA's Langley Research Center). To ensure the ability to talk and breathe in this mask we will include a second filter that releases the user's Carbon dioxide exhalation from the mask.

The Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods (NASA's Langley Research Center) were originally used to fix clogged filters, compromised seals, and abraded visors and space suit surfaces during space exploration. In this NASA spinoff, we are using this technology to purify contaminated oxygen to help people in highly populated and polluted cities to breathe clean air and prevent future breathing problems.

In each photo is a NASA Spinoff Technology we found around our houses and community in Snohomish, Washington.

Design review

Our problem and NASA technology

The building and testing of our model and why is works.

The science, math, and engineering support of our project and the feasibility of the spinoff.

What we have learned throughout this challenge and further questions for Subject Matter Experts.

Peer Reviews

extra design components

These designed foam pieces are an idea to incorporate into our design. These could substitute for the adjustable strap to bring a personalized element into our prototype.


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