Cambridge Laurie, Élisabeth and Édouard decided to live a unique adventure in a city that they never visit. They left for seven days to learn a new culture. Follow their fantastic trip in this journal!

April 3rd (day 1): Today, Édouard, Élisabeth and Laurie left early in the morning at seven o'clock to go to Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport.Unfortunately, it was raining a lot so the flight was delayed. The flight was long, it lasted almost 14 hours. To save money, we decided to chose a flight with stopovers. We arrived in Cambridge 14 hours later. We took the bus from the airport to our youth hostel. Because of the long flight, we were very hungry so we went in a bakery to ate something. It was delicious! Finally, we slept in YHA Cambridge, a youth hostel. Expenses of the day: flights ($1200 for three people) bus ($60 for three day pass) meals ($60) youth hostel ($41)

Our plane
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

April 4th (day 2): This morning, we ate in our youth hostel. After, we took the bus and decided to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Cambridge. This church is an anglican Church builted around 1130. It is one of the four medieval round churches still in use in England. We really liked that activity! After, we walked in The Backs park, its a picturesque area to the east of Queen's Road. It was a sunny day, so we ate on tables outside in two nice restaurants for lunch and dinner . We returned to our youth hostel. Expenses of the day: bus ($60 for three day pass) meals ($60) youth hostel ($41)

April 5th (day 3): Today, it was a rainy day , so we went to Fitzwilliam museum by bus. This Museum is the lead museum of the University of Cambridge. It's an art and antiquities museum founded in 1816. We ate in the Café of the museum for breakfast and lunch. The admission was free! In that museum we met people with different accents, one of them was speaking Hackey, a traditionnal dialect from Cambridge. For dinner, we had the chance to eat Cambridge's traditionnal meal: fish and chips. Élisabeth didn't like the meal but Laurie and Edouard really liked it! We returned in our youth hostel for the night. Expenses of the day: bus ($60 for three day pass) meals ($60) youth hostel ($41)

Fitzwilliam Museum

April 6th (day 5): On this day, for breakfast, we ate in "The Oak Bistro" restaurant. It was hot outside, so we walked round the city. For lunch, we went in a grocery store to buy food. We went on a picnic in Cherry Hinton Hall park, a charming park in Cambridge. After, we played three tennis game on the free tennis court of the park. We had a lot of fun on that day! For dinner, we ate at "Taste of Cambrige" restaurant. We returned to the youth hostel by bus. Expenses of the day: bus ($60 for three day pass) meals ($60) youth hostel ($41)

Cherry Hinton Hall Park

April 7th (day 6): For our last day, Élisabeth really wanted to visit the campus of Cambridge University. Before that, we ate a pancake from a creperie. We took the bus to go to the campus. We start by visiting the Library because some scenes of Harry Potter were filmed there. On our way to another part of the campus, we saw some students partying and we noticed something strange. A boy put a penny into his friend's glass. We found that really strange but we learned later that it was a popular drinking game invented at Oxford University. The basic goal of the game is to slip a penny into someone's drink without their noticing. If you succeed, the person has to down their drink in one. We were glad to learn that weird habbit and we might bring it to our futur party. We spend the rest of the day on the campus. We had lunch and dinner there too. We conclude the day by walking into Cambridge streets and enjoying our last night in the city. Expenses of the day: bus($60 for three day pass) youth hostel ($41) meals ($60)

Cambridge University Library

April 8th (day 7): This morning, we were sad to leave Cambridge but we were happy with the idea of seeing our families and friends soon. We ate in our youth hostel early in the morning. We took the bus to go to the airport because our flight was at 8 o'clock. There was small televisions in the airplane so we watched our favorite movie: Hunger Games. The lunch and the dinner were include with the flight. We arrived in Montreal 15 hours later. Our families were waiting for us at the airport with flowers. We had a amazing trip in Cambridge! Expenses of the day: flight ($1200 for three people) bus ($60 for three day pass) meals ($60)

Inside of our airplane

Bus total: $420 Youth hostel total: $246 meals total: $420 flights total $2400

Total of the trip: $3486 and a lot of priceless memories!


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