the elements of design vannah montes


A line is defined as a moving dot across a surface. a line is made by tools like a pencil or marker or a brush. Lines can be made with digital tools as well. How lines function in art vary depending on how it is executed

implied lines

implied lines are lines that we can only see in our minds. there is no actual physical line drawn there, but we can imagine one there. the space between objects leads our eyes around the image the same way an actual line would

example of an impliedline
implied line

psychic lines

similar to implied lines, psychic lines are also invisible. our mind creates the line between the objects. however with psychic lines, the objects are not repeated and continual.

stock photos are so weird

take this stock photo for example- there are no repeated objects or an actual physical line between them, but our eyes create the line between their eyes

psychic line made by pointing

directional lines

directional lines are lines that follow a specific direction. there are 3 types of directional lines- vertical, diagonal and horizontal. each type implies different moods.


Horizontal lines suggest a feeling of calmness and rest

vertical lines

vertical lines signify height, greatness or activity

diagonal lines

diagonal lines convey movement

contour lines

contour lines follow the shape of an object like outlines

gesture lines

gesture lines simplify the dynamics of a pose



contrast helps differentiate things that might appear similar without contrast


repeated textures, colors, shapes, lines and patterns throughout a piece to unify an image


the order of objects in a piece to make the piece fluid and balanced


proximity is used help associate objects with other like objects in a piece. using proximity helps decrease clutter


Created with images by Chris Murtagh - "Couples Dancing" • stava - "abstract background brown" • Kyknoord - "Stripification" • seier+seier - "hans christian hansen, architect: tagensbo kirke / church, copenhagen 1966-1970" • bortescristian - "Paris" • spacedance - "on holiday"

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