The Harte Center Washington and Lee University

The Harte Center

The Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning is a space that will capitalize on W&L’s liberal arts mission and history of outstanding teaching and academic performance. Located in Leyburn Library, the Harte Center will offer W&L faculty the opportunities and resources to help them be the best possible teachers. It will provide students access to experts and resources that will enhance the skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing world, including writing, oral communication, research and quantitative reasoning.

The Harte Center for Teaching and Learning - Overview

Since it opened in 1979, Leyburn Library has served as the university’s primary workspace for students to research, write and study and as a critical resource for faculty scholarship. The Harte Center will build upon renovations to the main level of the library, which have created inviting space that brings people and ideas together. Housed on level one of Leyburn, the Harte Center will be centrally located on campus and take full advantage of Leyburn’s setting to emphasize the library as the university-wide hub of teaching, learning and academic support.

The addition of the Harte Center will create a sustained focus on teaching excellence and prepare students to meet the challenges of their work on campus and in their future careers, nurturing the culture of continuous improvement and innovation that is a hallmark of Washington and Lee.

The Collaboration Gallery

"We call this a gallery because it's a place to demonstrate student learning in a very visible way."

One of the most powerful tools in student learning is the opportunity to articulate ideas and knowledge to others. This open and flexible space allows a range of conversations and innovations, from intimate small-group discussions to large, campus-wide poster sessions, readings, lectures or film series.

The Class of 1995 Teaching Hub

"We care deeply about teaching - but part of what makes us good teachers is not only that we do the teaching - we think about the teaching, we reflect on the teaching, we talk about it with each other. This space is going to make that possible"

The Hub provides an adaptable setting for visiting speakers, workshops, meetings and presentations. It is designed to foster conversations among faculty around the topic that dominates their thinking: how to deepen the learning of students about to enter a changing world.

The Innovation Lab

"The innovation lab is where faculty can come to experiment with new technologies ensuring that it allows students to perform at their highest level."

In this space, new technologies, methods and pedagogies will play out in a real-time classroom where students huddled in one corner doing data analysis can swap innovative ideas with another group in the same room or with teams of students around the world.

*views overlooking Woods Creek*

The Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning is currently under construction, and the physical space in Leyburn Library will open in Fall 2021. In the meantime, the work of Paul Hanstedt and his colleagues in the Harte Center is supporting both students and faculty, and the exchange of great ideas has begun.