Art Remix James Merry


James Merry is a hand embroidery artist, originally from Gloucestershire in the UK, now based in Iceland where he has been living and working with Björk since 2009. He works from a small cabin studio on a lake fifteen minutes outside of Reykjavík, working by hand in a variety of mediums. James is a self-taught embroiderer, having originally studied Classical Greek at Oxford University.


Take something that is urban and machine made, then, "...fertilize it, forcing it to flower by embroidering a glacier flower and moss on it."


Keep a slow pace, and stay focused. Zoom in on what you're doing, and let it happen.



This artwork is honestly so dope. I really like the idea behind it, and the edition of colors to the simple, urban logos. I think it all ties in very well to the modern idea of clothing, and it does not surprise me that he makes really good money off of it.

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