OneCity multiple lenses

Welcome to OneCity: Multiple Lenses, a summer program open to high-schoolers focused on the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. Students will design and create innovative projects that explore multiple dimensions of the city (the people, the history, the culture, the landmarks, the institutions and resources of New England's second largest city).

Marshall Walter "Major" Taylor, champion cyclist, (top left) Dr. Robert Goddard, inventor of rocketry (top right), the Worcester Historical Museum (bottom left) and the Korean War monument (bottom right). Some of the many people to learn about and the places to explore connected to the City of Worcester!


John Murnane and Eric Plickert

Dr. John R. Murnane (middle) taught History at Worcester Academy for 20 years and is a volunteer at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston. He earned his Ph.D. from Clark University, Worcester. Eric Plickert (right) teaches Math and Science at the Christa McAuliffe Charter School in Framingham and Sky View Middle School in Leominster. Eric has been an REI hiking, kayaking and outdoors instructor for 25 years.

This is an exciting opportunity. Final projects could include your own art show or photography exhibition, a short play or musical, an eBook or a short documentary film. Whatever your passion, your instructors will guide you through the process as you have fun learning about the city of Worcester.

In addition to projects tailored to student interests, Bancroft students can earn credit toward graduation; this may be a great way to lighten the school-year workload in order to focus and achieve higher results in other courses. See instructors for details (those seeking credit will have additional assignments to complete).

Tentative Schedule

Day 1: Introduction (6/26)

Morning: Classroom, meet your instructors, overview

Afternoon: Trip to City Science: The Science You Live, Ecotarium

Day 2: The City Through a Geo-Lens (6/27)

Morning: Geology of the City/Trip to Barton Cove

Afternoon: Classroom

Day 3: The City Through a Geo-Lens, cont. (6/28)

Morning: Geography/The Search for the Blackstone Canal

Afternoon: Classroom

Day 4: Native American-Pre-Industrial Era (6/29)

Morning: Classroom, Guest Speaker from Worcester Inter-Tribal Center

Afternoon: Trip Fruitlands Museum

Day 5: Worcester During the American Revolution (6/30)

Morning: Classroom, Quest Speaker, Isaiah Thomas: Patriot Printer, Actor

Afternoon: Sturbridge Village

Day 6: Worcester and the Industrial Rev. (7/5)

Morning: Classroom

Afternoon: Worcester Museum

Day 7: Worcester and the Industrial Rev, cont. (7/6)

Morning: Classroom

Afternoon: Trip to WPI and Clark University

Day 8: Worcester and the Rust-Belt (7/7)

Morning: Classroom

Afternoon: Canal Street, Ararat Street, Kelly Square

Day 9: Post-Industrial Worcester (7/10)

Morning: The Comeback, Guest Speaker from U-Mass Medical

Afternoon: The Knowledge Economy, Guest Speaker Charles Brawley Manufacturing Manager, Bio-Techne

Day: 10: Selecting a Project (7/11)

Working on Projects/research

Day: 11: Working on Projects (7/12)

Working on Projects/research

Fun break/ Worcester Art Museum

Day: 12: Presentations (7/13)

Presentations/ peer review

Working on Projects/research

Day: 13: Public Display (7/14)

Set up of projects for public display

Public display of projects—Worcester Art Museum, City Hall, etc.

Goodbye party

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