Samuel De Champlain By JD Robbins

Samuel De Champlain was a great explorer.

He found a lot of different lakes and rivers in New York.

He also found Cape Cod and Lake Huron.

Samuel liked to sail he was one of the finest sailors in the world.

statue of Champlain

He mostly sailed for New France he always tried to map out where he was going.

Like when he was going to Canada and he traveled across the Atlantic Ocean so he could find where he was going to find the St. Lawrence river to find Quebec.

Champlain found the St Lawrence river

Samuel De Champlain has discovered a lot of things in his lifetime he even discovered Lake Ontario where my family goes a lot. Even sometimes you find things you didn't mean to discover like Samuel found Lake Huron and he didn’t mean to.

Champlain also found Lake Huron

He was looking for Canada but he found things in New York and other states around New York like the St. Lawrence river and Lake Huron.

Samuel always had fun sailing he loved to sail with his dad but the time he found the St. Lawrence river he wasn't with his dad. He was looking for a lot of Canada but he found some of New York.

When Champlain met the Native Americans he fought with them.

Champlain needed to fight for land

The only reason he fought with them is because he wanted to claim some of New France from them.

Samuel De Champlain is important today because he found a lot of different things on his journey like a few bodies of water like Lake Champlain.


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