Earth Day Is Coming rasheed o.


Tomorrow is Earth Day and the earth probably would say. Thank you for making me clean or I’m happy green. If you have never heard of Earth Day It’s to help the earth and plant flowers. The earth gave us animals and the animals need food water and shelter to survive. People should save money and give animals shelter. Do you know why we need solar energy? We need it because it powers your home. The plants need it to live. Farmers need it too for their crops. You can use it again and again. Let’s talk about the earth talking. The earth would say I’m happy green. It’s also gonna say Thanks for your support. That’s why I like Earth day.

animals need water
earth is happy green
and this is solar energy


Created with images by kevinmklerks - "McKenzie Trails Red Deer" • cheetah100 - "Tiger" • Christian Gloor (mostly) underwater photographer - "Behind the curtain" • Alexas_Fotos - "meadow field green" • Mountain/\Ash - "Solar array"

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