Women Home Life in the 1920's

During the 1920's were women were given more rights. They were able to dress differently and have jobs.

Women Home Life in the 1930's

During the 1930's women lost their jobs and were left homeless if their husband was unemployed too. Some husbands even abandoned their families. They ended up having to live in hoovervilles. after being able to have a job they were stripped of it and were placed back at home to work the traditional women jobs.

African American Home Life in the 1920's

African Americans in the 1920's were able to express themselves through music and writing. The had a new freedom to show people their talents.

African American Home Life 1930's

African Americans received less financial aid than whites. They lost all jobs to make room for white men and any jobs left went to white women.

In the 1920's home life for women went well for they had new rights thanks to the 19th Amendment. During the 1920's they were no longer being forced to work the traditional job of a women. But during the 1930's the stock market crash brought a Great Depression on the whole country. Women were now jobless and were no longer allowed the freedom they used to have. Some women whose husbands lost their jobs had no way at all to support their families some husbands even ran off and left their families to fend for themselves. Not only did women's lives change but so did African American's lives as well. During the 1920's African American's showed their talents through the Harlem Renaissance. they showed their talents in music and poetry. But like everyone else once the depression hit they were struck back into the past. No longer able to have that slight bit of freedom. African Americans were in the back of the line when it came to jobs. Almost all were jobless for white men got first pick then white females and African Americans got whatever was left over.

Leisure Time for Stock Brokers in the 1920's

During the 1920's stock brokers were loaded with cash from everyone buying on a margin. They were rich and happy because buying on margin was the new trend and stock brokers were gaining cash by the second.

Leisure Time for Stock Broker in the 1930's

Once the stock market crashed people buying on margin and stock brokers were left broke. They were using money that did not exist and when time came around for that money to be collecting the debt was built up with now way to pay it back. Stock brokers no longer had a job or any money.

Leisure Time for Women in the 1920's

During the 1920's women had new rights and more freedom to express themselves. They wore what they wanted to and dance and drank as the pleased. After World War 1 people wanted to enjoy themselves so they did so especially women.

Leisure Time for Women in the 1930's

After the 1920's women were forced go back to their traditional lifestyle. There were no longer the nights of freedom, dancing, and drinking. Any jobs they had were lost along with their freedom.

In the 1920's being a stock broker was one of the most exhilarating jobs there was. The stock market was booming with almost all of America on board with buying on margin. Stock brokers were gaining money buy the minute but the crash striped them of all of their money. Debts had to be paid back which left them utterly broke. As for women the 1920's leisure was a rush. Women were now flappers they partied and had fun no worrying about tomorrow. The 1920's put them back to their old lives and they lost the fun freedom.

Economy for Stock Brokers in the 1920's

The economy was booming during the 1920's and so were stock brokers careers. they were making loads of money and they were happy.

Economy for Stock Brokers in the 1930's

Stock brokers lost all their money to the crash and had to do what they could to stay alive. They would have to sell belongings just for food.

Economy for Industrialist in the 1920's

Businesses were doing good and producing lots of goods and making good money.

Economy for Industrialists in the 1930's

After the crash businesses failed. About 16 million Americans were unemployed the unemployment rate hit 25%. workers were laid off and business closed. People lucky enough to keep a job got cutbacks on hours and pay.

The economy in the 1920's was a mess but was hidden too look like total god. People were buying on margins making stock brokers jobs great as they were rich. Their booming career made them happy until all disaster broke out. The crash of the stock market caused almost all of America to go into a depression. People were laid off many were jobless. Stock brokers no longer had the money they used to. As for industrialists in the roaring 20's they did good with businesses going well. Lots of goods were being produced . Although the 1930's brought hardships. Businesses failed and Americans were unemployed. The unemployment went up to 25% with 16 million jobless. Those lucky enough to have a job got cutbacks on their paycheck and hours.

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