St Joseph's Newsletter Term Two, Week Nine

"As we endeavour to end the wrongs, we mustn't forget to do what's right." Tony Kirwan

Dear Families and Friends,

There has been much to celebrate here at St Joseph's over the past week, beginning with our '50' photo taken last Wednesday. Thank you to Ben Broady for providing the students with a memorable experience. Be sure to visit our Facebook page to check out our video which has been viewed on over 3000 occasions! Last Thursday a number of students represented our school at a football carnival held in Kununurra. It was very pleasing to hear (from sources not associated with our school) of the excellent sportsmanship and teamwork displayed by our team over the course of the day.

Mudgee Visitors

This week we have been fortunate to have a group of staff and students visiting us from St Matthew's High School in Mudgee, NSW. Our classes have benefited from having these enthusiastic students assisting in our school and we look forward to further utilising their services at our School Sport's Day and School Fete this week.

Fisheries Incursion

On Monday children benefited from learning more about the many different types of fish found in our local waterways. Thank you to Miss Gehrmann for organising this event.

Music Incursion

On Tuesday children in Years 3-6 were treated to a live performance from the very talented Jay Hoad. Thank you to Miss Monks for organising this unique opportunity for our school.

Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at our School Sport's Day this Thursday (see timetable for order of events), our School Fete on Friday from 3:00pm and at Mass on Sunday beginning at 8:30am. This Mass will celebrate the students receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion as well as Miss Tara Peters who will be Baptised.

Next Week

To celebrate NAIDOC Week, we invite all families and friends to attend Mass on Wednesday 29th June beginning at 8:30am. This invitation is extended to our whole school concert which will take place on Friday 30th June at 1:00pm. Here students will perform dances they have been practising during music lessons led by Miss Leah Poutney.

We continue to keep those affected by the recent tragic events in England in our thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Kind regards,

Tim Hogan, Principal

School Fete

Thank you to those who have assisted with the preparations for our School Fete. We look forward to seeing all members of the St Joseph's community at school this Friday 23rd June from 3:00-6:00pm.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Tim Hogan, Principal

St Joseph's 50th Anniversary and St Vincent Pallotti Church 25th Anniversary

Join us this Thursday in the Library from 2:30pm onwards as we finalise our preparations for our 50th Anniversary celebrations.


We are nearing the end of Term 2 already and continue to work hard each day. I have seen sound progress from the Pre-Primary students throughout the term and families should feel very proud.

This term we have welcomed the School Nurse, Miss Jo, and the school dentist, Miss Elena, into our classroom. Miss Jo taught us about the importance of washing our hands properly, and we used a UV light to detect the “germs” on our hands. Miss Elena taught us how to brush our teeth and we got to take home a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Over the term the children have continued to develop their oral language and phonological awareness, writing and reading skills. They have worked hard at using their letter and sound knowledge to produce independent writing. The children are beginning to write sentences with the correct use of capital letters, full stops and connectives (because, and). We currently have a Post Office setup in the classroom to stimulate the imagination, enhance social development and promote independent writing.

Ways to support your child to write at home include:

Letters/postcards: Write letters and postcards to family and friends.

Thank you: Write thank you notes for gifts.

Make a menu: Let your child design and write the menu for a family dinner.

Travel log: When you go on holidays, or special outings, have your child record new sights and experiences from his/her journey.

Miss Kate Guest

Year Two

The children in Year 2 have worked hard this term on a variety of activities and projects. In Maths we have learned about collecting and displaying data using graphs. Last week, the children tallied coloured M&Ms. They used tally marks to collect the data then displayed it as a picture and a bar graph. They got to eat their M&Ms afterwards. Who said learning couldn't be tasty!

Children spend six hours of their day at school. While here, they are engaged in a wide variety of learning activities designed to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, as well as their ability to experiment and investigate and wonder at God’s creation. They learn how to keep themselves safe, fit and healthy and work collaboratively with their peers.

Teachers understand and respect that children need time to play and explore and enjoy down time of an afternoon. Please encourage your children to spend time in unstructured play, away from technology. Time away from school is your time, but as your child’s teacher, I have one valuable request: Please spend 15 minutes each Monday to Thursday on your child’s home reading. Help them develop a positive reading routine. That 15 minutes a night is equal to 6 whole school days per year. Thank you.

Miss Leah Wilson

Year 4/5

This term we have been learning about the art of story–telling and we have written our own stories and comics. We have also been practising some readers theatre to help tell stories. We explored the beginnings of story-telling in Australia with Aboriginal dreamtime stories by looking at stories like the Rainbow Serpent.

Just a few weeks ago our class and Year 5/6 planned, composed, edited and published stories that were entered into the Children’s Book Council competition. The stories needed to be at least eight pages long with a front cover, author’s profile and a blurb on the back. Our entries were sent last week and we should have them back in August, so we look forward to seeing what the judges thought of them.

Mr Paul Poutney


Please take note of the following important dates for Term Two:

Thursday 22nd June - St Joseph's Sport's Carnival

Friday 23rd June - St Joseph's School Fete

Sunday 25th June - Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Monday 26th June - Friday 30th June - NAIDOC Week

Wednesday 28th June - NAIDOC Week/End of Term Mass

Friday 30th June - Final day of Term Two

Assemblies, Friday 8am

30 June: Year 5/6


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