Bad Bad Bullies Luke lennox

Attention teachers and students! Kids are being bullied all over the world! Hear this fact: 46% of children say they have been bullied at one point in their life! 62% of children are getting physically bullied more than being called names. We need to stand up to bullies|

This is enough! As I have seen my whole life people have not taken a stand to people bullying. It could happen anywhere anytime. People can be bullied on technology or at school. Bullies are everywhere. People should be able to go to school and not worry about getting bullied. They should be able to be free to learn at school.

Why do bullies bully? It may be because of lack of attention from friends, parents or even teachers! Has someone bullied him in the past? Or did he just want to show how much taller or stronger he is than the other boys or girls? But don’t call the person a bully yet, if you said or did something mean to them. So don’t call them a bully that could make it worse. Just tell an adult or teacher so you can talk it out with the boy or girl.

Are you a bully!? Have you been calling someone a simple little name like saggy bull horn to a little girl because she always wears a ponytail? Something as simple as that could hurt someone’s feeling a lot. What if you don’t like someone and you ignore them and never say anything to them. They may feel left out or mistreated.

More and more people are trying to prevent bullying. Doctors are asking kids nowadays “Are you being bullied?” Because you may not tell a parent or guardian if you’re being bullied.

Schools are helping students with Character Counts programs to prevent bullying in schools. In Haddon Township we have this program. For example, we have school assemblies to discuss how character counts. It helps us to discuss how to treat others in a respectful manner. This also helps us to remember to treat others the way we want to be treated, remember the golden rule!

I think this means you should look out for yourself, look out for your friends, look out for your family, look out for your neighbors and look out for anyone you know that could make a strong difference! Remember never to confront a bully alone. And always remember you still need to stand up to bullies

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