Descriptive writing By: Mele Kauvaka

There are many ways to describe myself, and I describe myself as a crazy, weird, ugly, annoying girl. But my friends describe me as a cheeky, humble, respectful, sporty, short slender monkey. Another thing about me is that I live in a family of 8 with my parents, I have 3 brothers and I use to have 3 other sisters but one suddenly passed away due to a brain tumor and now I only have 2 sisters I am currently the second youngest in the family and I am also the sixth child to come to Papatoetoe high school.

My Family

The first part of my shield show's the flag of my ethnicity or culture which is the Tongan flag. A thing about the Tongan flag is that the cross symbolizes the Christianity coming to the island and the white symbolizes purity and the red represent the blood of Jesus Christ and it was also adopted in 1875 also Tonga is known as "The friendly islands" due to how people in Tonga are friendly and kind.

Tongan flag

The next part of my shield show's what kind of hobbies I have and by the way, it looks, it looks like a rainbow just vomited. On this part of my shield, it shows the weird, crazy and quirky person I am, on this, it shows emoji's for the weird face's I poke at school and home. Also, you can see a basketball and the word "sports" which expresses how I love playing sports and the background colours just show's how crazy and quirky I am with myself.

After that on the bottom part of my shield it show's my belief's, and what I really believe in.In this part of my shield, it shows a cross for my religion which is Christian and my beliefs are in God and that God is the only one that can truly help you when you are in trouble or struggling. Also, I believe that every sunset is an ending and that every sunrise is a new beginning for everyone and that whatever happened in the past , is in the past.

On the very last part of my shield, it represents something that relates's or is important to school for me. what I Drew was "Digne Lampada Trades" which means like you are worthy enough to carry the torch, and to me, that means that we should accept everyone for who they are no matter what and that everyone is worthy to carry the torch.

Digne Lampada Tradas

Overall my shield represents who I am and what things I do, and what kind of person I am and what kind of personality I have. But really inside I feel like I'm a confused person who is still looking for myself and trying to find out what is my reason in life and to prove all those other people that have mocked me that I am who I am and if you can't except that then it's not my lost.


Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "Tonga Grunge Flag" • KeithJJ - "basketball net score" • Wicker Paradise - "Emoji Pillows by Throwboy" • Pexels - "background blackboard blue" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • SiNoMo - "sea sunset beach"

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