France By: Trista Spears

France is known for their beautiful sunsets on the city.

The beautiful city of Paris is the capital of France. Which is also known as the City of Romance.

Eiffel Tower

France has many amazing tourist attractions. One of those is the Eiffel Tower located in the capital city. The Eiffel Tower has lights displayed on the structure that show certain events that have happened to the country.

Another attraction is the Notre Dame Cathedral which is also located in Paris.
This is the French alphabet. The primary language in France is French. Here are some examples. Hello: Bonjour. Goodbye: Au Revoir. I love you: je t'aime.
Macaroons are one of the main dessert delacies eaten in France. They are made of egg whites and almond flour.
This is another popular dessert made out of bread dough and rolled in sugar then baked and are called Chouquettes. SH/OH/k/eh/t
This is the type of currency they use in France, it is called a Euro. One Euro equals one dollar and five cents in American money.
This is a celebration that it called Bastille Day. It is commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution. It is celebrated on July 14. It began in 1789.
Another holiday they celebrate is Armistice Day. That commorates the treaty signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany. And is celebrated on November 11. This tradition started in 1918.
This is the flag of France. The stripes all have a special meaning. The white stripe represents the pastors and ministers of France. The red stripe represents the nobility of the country, which honors the French royalty. And the blue stripe represents the middle class.
One of France's main industries is tourism. France is the most visited country in the world. With an average of 80 million visitors a year.


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