Adventure Practice: Developing Skills for Backcountry Skiing and Travel

Backcountry travel requires continuing education and practice to stay sharp and keep everyone safe.

We provide opportunities to learn one-on-one or with a small group of friends from some of the best instructors in the business. They'll keep it fun and still help you hone your skill for when you go solo or move with a group on a bigger objective.

We custom tailor educational opportunities including:

  • Introduction to backcountry travel
  • Trip and route Planning
  • Advanced skinning and skiing (don't keep your crew waiting while you kick turn)
  • Self arrest and moving through glaciated terrain
  • Whatever is on your mind...
Come ready to challenge yourself both mentally and physically!

We work with instructors who are passionate not only about teaching the skills you need to stay safe, but also about getting out into terrain and having a great time skiing along the way. Don't think that this is JUST instruction time.

Price: approximately $250 per Person per Day, depending on location and goals and objectives (does not include rental of avalanche equipment, which can be added)

Get Better and Go Farther!

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