Kabbalah Experience Annual Report 2017

The future is now.

A journey of transformation.

Your Kabbalah Experience begins now...

Kabbalah Experience is a unique study program for individuals who desire a personal and engaging pathway to learn, grow and change by belonging to a community of curious and open-minded spiritual scholars and seekers.

Why Now?

Our human narrative needs to change now to ensure a future. There are those out there making a difference every day in small and big ways.

Kabbalah Experience makes a difference through THOUGHT LEADERSHIP that advocates new ways to think, feel, and act.

With that in mind, we are building on our local success in reaching more people to participate in the spiritual teachings developing at KE.

We can and will make a significant difference for individuals, families, and communities in our advocacy for a NEW HUMAN NARRATIVE.

A Journey Into Self & Soul

Each spiritual path is different. You want to walk more authentically through your day.

Some benefit from a new insight that unblocks them and calls them to change. Some find peace in the community of others seeking spiritual fellowship. Whatever the point of entry, there is meaning and direction to be found in the unseen realm.

Kabbalah Experience opens that door and invites you to explore the physical and spiritual with a new eye.

To study with us is to experience the world opening up to greater possibilities for yourself and humanity.

Reflections From Executive Director, Dr. David Sanders

Events of this past year, like none other in history, have illuminated a humanity in desperate need of new awareness. We have felt powerless at times to imagine how any one person can make an impact and affect healing.

As founder of KE and your passionate teacher, I know that you can. I know that I can.

It is with the very practice of the insights gleaned from our study of Kabbalah, seeking understanding beyond the surface of problems, beyond the myopic human narrative we have been living, and beyond the duality of good and bad, that we begin to perceive new ways forward.

In this spirit, I have been thinking about my own role in Tikkun Olam – the repair of the world – and, dare I say it out loud, my legacy (thanks to a walk along the High Line Canal with former KE Board President Nancy Steele).

With the guidance of our Board of Directors, the backing of my colleagues, and your generous support, it is time to expand Kabbalah Experience. Most importantly, we will ask YOU to be an active outreach partner!

Combining our efforts to reach a greater number of spiritual seekers here and across the globe, we will work together to spread insights for healing our selves, our relationships, our communities, our environments, and realize a world in which peace is possible.

New & Coming Soon:

  • Self-study materials and publications you've been asking for in order to augment classes and enrich your practice of spirituality based on Kabbalah in your daily life
  • On-demand video classes so you and new students can learn when and where you choose
  • NEW online and in-person classes and events to deepen the Kabbalah Experience for you and extend our community connections to more spiritual seekers around the globe

Changing Faces

Alyson Miller-Greenfield

If you've been wondering who is behind the scenes partnering with David, staff, and the Board to take Kabbalah Experience to the next level, meet Alyson Miller-Greenfield.

Alyson, a business development and marketing professional and co-founder of Venture Growth, LLC, has come on two days a week to develop our business strategy, new messaging, and product development.

Since August, she has conducted a survey of students and a survey of Board Members to inform new initiatives.

"Kabbalah Experience became a respite for my spirit and a chance for me to reflect on the meaning of events, people, and experiences in my life." - Meaghan
"KE is a remarkable organization. It is not your grandfather's spiritual center!" - David
"Truly transformational. The Kabbalah Experience has changed my life and enabled me to see things in a different way. I would recommend for everyone I know." - Rachel

2017-2018 KE Board of Directors

Dr. Mel Wernimont - President

Joseph Costello

Eve Epstein

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Dr. Barbara Kreisman

Bettina Kurowski

Phillip Mason

Rachel Namoff

Michelle Saxer

Brittany Wangsness

We gratefully acknowledge the service of those board members who rotated off the board this last year:

Ken Diamond

Nancy Nowak

Nancy Steele

The Impact of the Kabbalah Experience

We are always excited to learn more about you and how you are integrating Kabbalah into your life. Here is just a snippet of what you shared in the survey:

"I now have a greater awareness of unseen reality."

"I feel intellectually challenged and even more curious about Kabbalah and myself."

"My relationships have improved. I relate to people with more compassion and understanding."

"I feel better about my purpose in life and my place in the world."

Special Event: An Evening of Jewish Mysticism

Hosted by the Interfaith/Multicultural (I AM) Ministry at Mile Hi Church, a Center for Spiritual Living

In February of 2017, over a thousand people gathered to engage with our Kabbalah community for an Evening of Jewish Mysticism as part of the I AM Interfaith Service last February at Mile Hi Church.

It was an evening of song, meditation, and teachings on the Tree of Life and Transforming Darkness into Light.

Rabbi Jamie Arnold and Dr. David Sanders led the service accompanied by Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe with Laura Berman and Ben Sanders.

Thanks to Reverend Shannon O’Hurley and her staff from Mile Hi Church for partnering with us on this meaningful community event.

In Appreciation

Kabbalah Experience's Outstanding Volunteers

Mile Hi Event Group

Jodi Eisen

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Susan Gordon

Bonnie Houghton

Bettina Kurowski

Joyce Lisbin

Rachel Namoff

Nancy Nowak

Dr. Linda Reinstein Kaplan

Sophia Richards

Nancy Steele

Dr. Mel Wernimont

Kabbalah Experience 2017 Financials

YE June 30, 2017

Kabbalah Experience 2016-2017 Donors

With Gratitude to All Who Partner With Us

Keter Sponsors

Malena Fernandez

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Mickey and Nancy Gart

Barbara Goldburg

Richard and Eileen Greenberg

Celeste Grynberg

Bettina Kurowski

Bob Z"L and Robyn Loup

Louann and Micky Miller

Andrea Pollack

Nancy and Craig Steele

Drs. Mel and Anne Wernimont

Tiferet Sponsors

David Bradley

Jodi Eisen

Eve Epstein

Diane Gimber

Linda Kornfeld

Dr. Ryan Kramer

Lisa Mintz

Rachel Namoff

Stanton and Jane E. Rosenbaum

Dr. David and Rita Sanders

Leo Tokayer

Ruth and Warren Toltz

Alice Turak

Yesod Sponsors

Marsha Blum

Corinne Brown

Myndie Brown

Diane Gimber

Susan Gordon

Mark Grimm

Lisa Hartman

Jaye and Mike Kephart

Pesia Lenczner

Dr. Lester and Nancy Lockspeiser

Dr. Evelyn and Richard Male

Rebecca Martin

Al Monteith

Caren Press

Dr. Linda Reinstein Kaplan

Myra Rieger

Brett Schklar

Mirella Schreiber

Susie Sigman

Carolyn Steele

Andrea and Scott Stillman

Lynne Sullivan

Michelle Wecksler

Dr. Richard Zigmond

Lura Williams

General Sponsors

Laurie Brock

Barbara Carpenter

Joseph Costello

Misty Davidson

Kathleen Derrickson

Kristi Dinner

Melvin Dinner

Stel Fine

Meritt Finer

Dr. Stuart and Karen Frankel

Jane Fruchtman

Sheryl Goodman

Barbara Hamilton

Martha Hildreth

Amy Hornridge

Bonnie Houghton

Mary Klinnert

Dr. Barbara Kreisman

Laurie Lande

Meagan Law

Maita Lester

Patty Levine

Stacy Lewis

Joyce Lisbin

Brett Lytwyniuk

Dr. Joan Manheimer

Judy Maselli

Mary Ann May

Barbara McDonald

Peggy Morse

Jill Oliver

Myra Rieger

Roslyn Rudnick

Bonnie Shore

Tina Stille

Nora Teitjen

Barbara Towbin

Devorah Uriel

Where Are We Heading?

The new word entering the Kabbalah Experience lexicon is LEGACY. It is a word that reflects our teaching that to be in the present one must integrate the past and anticipate the future.

We are committed to the future by ensuring that past teachings live on to be used by others who will evolve them further—as we have—so we wish for others on our human journey of awareness and transformation.


KE Annual Fundraiser Celebrating Dr. David Sanders' 60th Birthday

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate life and spirit with the whole KE community!

Join us at Swallow Hill on Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Food, drink, Kabbalah Experience stories, memories and MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!

Limited seating. Get your tickets TODAY!


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