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The past week of class seems to have been centered around having fun. With the class playing games such as "the game of things" or "cards against humanity", everyone has been very engaged in the what is going on in class. being engaged in something makes it much easier and worthwhile. Failing to engage in your work can make it difficult to understand and prosper. Engagement is a "Habit of Mind" that requires investing into something, whether it be a game, work, or even a marriage.

when one hears the word engagement, they usually think of a marriage proposal. In the video below, what someone deemed the 10 best marriage proposals are shown.

The reason I chose this video as one of my sources is because of the common use of the word engagement. Because it is what most people think of when the term is used, I wanted to relate proposals to my reflection on our English Composition class. In every one of the proposals in the video above, the woman accepting the ring is joyful to take the next step with their partner. The couple is promising one another to spend the rest of their lives with each other. With investment and involvement with each other, the couple will proceed to stay engaged until they say their vows. Though I am far from getting engaged, let alone married, engagement is seen throughout everyday of my life. This morning I was engaged in studying for my statistics test. In the afternoon I was engaged talking to one of my friends about my weekend. Right now, I am engaged in writing this passage. In our English class, I usually am engaged in whatever we're doing.. but I have fallen asleep a couple of times.

Like me falling asleep in class occasionally, one can fail to engage in something. In the video below, 10 marriage proposals that someone deemed as the worst are shown.

In most of these videos, the woman being asked for her hand in marriage says "no." That is one way of getting out of something, just two letters, n, o, no. Avoidance of engagement happens frequently. In my life, I avoid doing things all the time whether it be avoiding a conversation with someone I don't feel like talking to or skipping class so I don't have to listen to the professor. Not only can you avoid engagement, but you may just not engage in the right things. For example, I daydream in class all the time. I am so engaged in thinking about something else that the words my professor is saying goes in one ear and out the other. (never in your class though Chris) (maybe sometimes) (sorry) I chose this video to use as one of my sources because it shows the fear, anxiety, and tension that failing to engage can bring.

engagement is a sense of investment and involvement in learning

-framework for success in postsecondary writing

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