4B1 Lucy Anderson Ellis Island

This is the map, shamrocks, flag, and knitted shamrock.

Ellis Island

I left Dublin to go to Ellis Island. I went in the first class room with my family. More then 12 million immigrants got there between 1892 and 1954. More than forty percent or Americans can trace their family history back to Ellis Island. I can trace my family history back to Ellis Island. I began the adventure on foot. I walked hundreds of miles across Europe to get to the seaport. After we arrived we boarded the steamship. The trip lasted 1-2 weeks. Most people were in 3rd class which was called steerage. Steerage was a large space at the bottom of the ship. It was crowded and dirty. I was very tired when I arrived. They had to take a button hook to flip my eyelid.

This is a picture of the Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from France. The statue of Liberty is modeled after Libertas the ancient Roman goddess of freedom. The statue wears a crown with seven rays. She holds up a torch which stands for Liberty, or freedom.

1. I liked hearing from hearing people who went on the trip. 2. I liked seeing videos of the trip. 3. I liked reading passages of what I and other people had to go threw.


Ellis Island interactive tour


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