DTC #39: Spice Up Your Life RoadtripS opens your eyes to WORLDS OF possibilities, unless they're burning from millions of chilis!





This date takes place between September 27th and October 15th. It is being sent now so you reserve tickets to Huy Fong's Chili Grinding.

IT WILL SELL OUT! Plan ahead and put it on the calendar!


Grind on some of the best dim sum in SoCal for an off beat kinda brunch.

Tour the legendary "Sriracha Factory" for their chili grinding open house.

Bet, drink and watch while the horses grind it out on the track.

The creator of Sriracha, David Tran, began making his spicey creation in 1975 in Vietnam. Four years later he boarded a Taiwanese ship that flew a Panamanian flag to escape Communist rule. The name of the ship: Huey Fong.
Stop 1

The Dim Sum Experience to end Dim Sum Experiences

• 11am to 12:30pm •

The hot Alhambra sun beats down on families gathering for their Saturday ritual along Main St. as your crew gingerly steps up to bat. Holding a res. for 8+ you get seated right away amidst the coordinated insanity that is Lunasia Chinese Cuisine. Masked vigilantes offer mystery plates amongst the well-practiced ballet between waiters, busboys and, the never seen, but extremely loved, chefs. Dumplings are devoured as swiftly as they can be delivered and spun around the lazy Susan feeding machine. Make sure you’ve checked all the boxes before the whirlwind dies down. You don’t want to miss anything before the spices takes over your life.

Stop 2

A tour unlike anything else in L.A.

• 1pm reservation •

Pulling into the parking lot of Huy Fong Foods the atmosphere resembles more of a big high school football game than a warehouse sauce tour. Groups of friends and families dressed like fans gather at the front entrance to witness and pay homage to their hometown hero, Sriracha. Before you know it a band strikes up epic music marking your time to enter the hallowed grounds. Over the next hour you’ll be amazed by the sheer size, taken back by the potency of the product and delighted by the love that the Huy Fong team has built over the years. When you’ve collected and eaten all the spicey items you can find it’s time to get moving to a race that’ll get you heated in a different kind off way.

Stop 3

the number 5 horse, in the 6th race. It's foolproof

• after chili grinding •

Entering the confines of the immense Santa Anita Park is a beautiful thing, especially if you’re still wearing your hairnet from Huy Fongs. It’s halfway through the program but you’ve got a lot of races to find a winner. Grab a few beers before making the worst educated guess of your life. This horse is from New Zealand? This horses name is Fidgety Biscuit? Regardless pull up to the window and place a bet for the next race. Standing trackside a few minutes later you disregard your screams as the beasts zoom past in a near photo finish. Is it a victory? Did you lose by a hair? You’ll just have to experience it at the end of September when this date takes place. Good luck!


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