The malaysia perspective and international perspectives in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest By:syuhrah binti aiman vinesh(e15a0391)

The conservations in malaysia anD international for forest sustainable

Malaysia have several ways for the convservation of forest.

1. Laws:

  • National forests act, Wild Conservation enacment which protects forest and take actions towards wrong actions to the forests.

2. Timber Certification:

  • MTCS(Malaysia Timber Certification Scheme) is an organization that covers permanent reserved forest and community owned or managed forest in Malaysia.

3. Forestry Departments:

FRIM( Forest Resorce Institute Malaysia) function as : Planning and implementing research for the development of forestry sector and conservation of forest resource, obtaining and disseminating research information to enhance forest management.

Interntional have their own ways for sustainable forest(CANADA)

1. Laws:

  • Canada's forest laws are among the strictest in the world.
  • They protect the forest and ensure that sustainable forest management practises are followed across the country.

2. Forests Certification:

  • Canada has the largest area of third-party-certified forests in the world.
  • Has 3 certification systems: Canadian Standards Association, Forest Stewardship Council, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • Supports Canada's reputation as a source of legally and sustainably produced forest products.

3. Forest Department:

  • Canadian Forest Service(CFS) is a sector of Canadian governance department of Natural resources of Canada.
  • CFS is a science based policy organization responsible for promoting the sustainable development of Canada's forest.
  • Some of research areas that CFS involved include: forest fire, climate change,soils and insects.

Management challenges faced by malaysia and international forestry managemEnts

1. Products for Humans Needs and Wants

  • Many products of our lives are based from forest resource in terms for the use of health, food, furnitures and paper products.
  • These products are needed along the live so that no matter how good are the Malaysia and international forestry management, most of the trees still need to be cut off to produce the products.

2. Animal Hunters

  • Animal hunters are people that kill or trap wildlife or exotic animals for the use of making things like shoes, bags,clothes and also hunting toremove predators that are dangerous to humans.
  • This factor will cause the forest losing habitats which causes disturbance in food web that can cause the ecosystem to be disturbed.
  • When the ecosystem changed in an area, some of trees will be affected due to not enough nutrient supply that get from the dead composition of the animals through nitrogen fixation.

3. Common Forests Disease

  • Many trees are killed by forest insects.
  • Some pathogens can cause disease that kill healthy tree which also wipe-out an entire tree species.
  • For the forestry management, there are still not many ways are found to prevent the diseases occur.
  • Among the diseases are: foilage, branch and stem disease and vascular disease.
  • There are also decline disease(a combination of oppurtunistic of insects and disease) and abiotic disease(is the non-living stress agents such as fire, lightning and floods).

4. Governance Problems

  • Problems like inappropriate legislation, unclear forest tenure, corruption and lack of law enforcement.
  • These problems leads to high number of illegal deforestation that is illegal practises related to the harvesting, processing and trade timber and intember products.
  • The high number causes the Malaysia and International forestry management quit tough to find the people doing these activities.

5. Less Awareness Towards Forest Resource

  • Nowadays the Malaysia and International communities view towards the importance of forest are very low.
  • Most of the people in the world didn't realise the number of forests are getting decreasing where mostly youngsters of this decade do not exposed about the decreasing amount of forests.
  • Papers are used everyday and be thrown everyday without preserve and conserving trees eveytime.

6. Developments

  • Infrastructure developments such as making roads, houses and also many buildings due to the economic importance and the increasing number of populations in the world.
  • The forest that are managed still need to cut off for the people sake and their safety.
  • These causes the exticntion of flora and fauna which the Malaysia and International forestry manageent have to try their best to maintain the number of extinction of flora and fauna.

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