Roman Emperors By: raeff dicello

Julius Caesar ruled from 46-44 B.C. He became emperor once him and Pompey drifted away after the civil war. This led to his great achievements of becoming dictator of Rome, eliminating remaining enemies, and making the local government better. His rein unfortunately ended after being murmured by the senate. He was an important emperor because he started the Roman Empire.

Tiberius ruled a great empire from 14-37 A.D. He gained the throne once he turned against Caligula. He achieved many great things by doing simple tasks like by telling his nephew to lead the military because he believed d he had great leadership skills, this decision led to Rome winning the war.

Nero was an odd emperor, ruling from 54-68 A.D. Nero's mother poisoned Claudius who was the previous ruler, so her son could get the throne. Nero had many great achievements while he ruled like ending trials, giving the Senate independence, giving aid to the Jews, and establishing open competitions in poetry, drama, and athletics. His reign unfortunately ended because people thought of him as a public enemy, which eventually caused him to kill himself. People should care about how Nero treated others because he used to suduce young boys, marry already married women, and married a male-slave.

Vespasian was known as a great emperor, ruling from 69-79 A.D. He gained leadership by being voted in my troops, Egypt, and Syria once Nero died. He achieved many things like being the consul of Britain, proconsul of Africa, and one of Rome's most successful generals. Sadly, Vespasian died in 79 A.D., leaving behind ten great years of leadership. People should care about how well he led Rome because when he died he left it "stronger than ever".

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