5 Day Test Prep Self-Designed Exhibit #1

5 Day Test Prep

For this self designed exhibit I will be using the 5 Day Test Prep to prepare for my Psychology 2010 class. I will use a different strategy each day to help me study. Each day I will follow a series of steps in order to retain information on the test. These are the steps used in the 5 Day Test Prep.

  • Start early
  • Use short, frequent study sessions
  • Structure your study time over a period of 5 days. Each day you will:

- Prepare a new chapter or section of material

- Review the material prepared in the prior study sessions

- Use active learning strategies ( writing and reciting) to study the material

  • Commit to your plan

Day 1

For exactly 1 hour I got my notes organized and made an outline for the notes on memory. This took 1 hour total.

Day 2

For exactly 30 minutes I reviewed my notes on memory and prepared flashcards for the terms on different types of disorders. This took 1.5 hours total.
Flashcards for different types of disorders
Study Guide I made using slides from power points used in class.

Day 3

For exactly 15 minutes I reviewed notes on memory using my outline. Then for exactly 30 minutes I reviewed notes on different types of disorders using flashcards and other class notes. After this, I then prepared sample test questions using Quizlet. This took 1.5 hours total.
I was able to create a multiple choice practice test by using the website Quizlet.
I was able to create a matching practice test using Quizlet.

Day 4

I first reviewed my outline and notes on memory for exactly 15 minutes. I then reviewed my flashcards on the different types of disorders for another 15 minutes. I later reviewed my study guide for 30 minutes. After reviewing my study guide I then went over another practice test for another 30 minutes. After this I created an outline for key points and terms for the test. There were no essay questions for this test. This took 1.5 hours total.
I made an outline for the key points from each chapter.

Day 5

For exactly 15 minutes i reviewed my outline on memory. I then reviewed my flash cards on disorders and my study guide for another 15 minutes. I then went on Quizlet to test myself for another 15 minutes. I then reviewed my outline for the key points of each chapter for about 30 minutes. This took about 1.5 hours total.

Test Time

Overall the 5 Day Test Prep was a success. It really did help me prepare for my exam in many different ways. I ended up scoring a B on my psychology exam. I enjoyed studying this way more than my original ways. I was able to spread out my studying rather than cramming right before the test. With all of the hours added up I really only studied for a total time of 7 hours. This makes since because that is most likely the total time I would use cramming before a test if not less. I was also able to become more organized by using the 5 Day Test Prep. Each day had a written plan that was easy to follow. The most effective techniques used were probably the flashcards and practice test on Quizlet. These were especially helpful with learning terms and that is what a majority of our test is. I most likely could have gone without the outlines because my notes were pretty much already written out in outline form but they did help me get organized. Probably the reason this test prep worked so well was because it makes you get organized for an exam and you can prepare in a timely manner. Overall i would recommend the 5 Day Test Prep to other students and I would definitely use it again.


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