The Bishop Dunne Big Sister/Big Brother Program A Proposal by Corinne Dorsey


The Program is shaped for seventh and eighth grade students in their journey of understanding the mysteries of high school from managing school and athletics to the questions of personal relationships and developments. As well as, understanding the value of service and involvement from their upperclassmen.


A seventh grade student will pair with an eleventh grade student and an eighth grade student will pair with a twelfth grade student. The age distribution is based on growth, as the eighth grade student would be graduating from middle school and moving to high school, their mentor in the program would be graduating as well and moving on into the next step of their lives.

The program's "match system" will be based off surveys, which would be placed around the school with a flyer explaining the program.

The program will be open to all seventh, eighth, eleventh, and twelfth graders, who fulfill the requirements.

Requirements to participate in program:

A GPA of 3.4

(Highschool): Participant of at least two extracurricular activities. (Middle School): Participant of at least one extracurricular activity

What they will do:

Meetings will be scheduled every 2nd or 3rd week in advisory (dependent on service event), in order to speak on the service event planned for the month. The service events will be planned as a group once meeting begin, but ideas will be suggested all year around. The meetings will also include talks on current events around the world or serious issues around the school pertaining to the majority of members i.e. bullying, self confidence, and drama.

Within the first program meeting all underclassmen will meet their upperclassmen, also their will be an icebreaker fro all members of the program.

Possible Moderators:

Mrs. Sweeney

Mrs. Sustaita

Mr. Brandt

Mrs. Doan

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