The Three Agriculture Revolution KAyla LIngman

The First revolution was also known as the Neolithic revolution which transformed human societies from hunting and gathering to farming. It occurd around 10,000 BC in which humans started to raise and grow their livestock and animals instead of going out to hunt and find their food source. This made life easier because people didn't have to waste much time and energy in finding food, instead, humans grew crops and raised animals and did not have to waste much time and energy in trying to provide food for their family.
The first crops grown by humans included corn which was domesticated in South america, and rice in China.
The second agriculture revolution improves methods of cultivation, harvesting, and storage of farm produce stemming from the industrial revolution. This period saw the development of barbed wire, various forms of harvesting machines, and the tractor . First with a steam engine and then with a gasoline engine , which replaced draft animals. The revolution's major impact was the reduction in the number of people needed to operate farms.
The Third Agriculture Revolution occured around the 1900s in Europe. It was technology innovations and scientific farming methods. Biotechnology played a big part in the revolution by scientists stated geneticaly modifiying crops to make them better. This made the food taste better and grow quicker.
This is an image of how biotechnolgy is playing a part on modifying plants to help them grow faster.
GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism that takes the process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait,characteristic. Pros: resistance to insects tolerance to herbicides tolerance for heat, cold, or drought crop yield. Cons: Some people worry that GM foods may be linked to allergies, antibiotic resistance, or cancer.


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